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Brownie's Third Lung Set to Make Diving More Accessible Than Ever

By Oliver Pearson   4 January 2016

Revolutionising diving, Brownie’s Third Lung system is destined to have a similarly transformative effect on the luxury charter experience.

Unlike conventional scuba diving, Brownie’s Third Lung does away with heavy tanks and buoyancy control devices in favour of a hookah-styled arrangement designed with both freedom and safety in mind.

Tethered to fellow divers and attached to a central tank via a hose configuration, adventurous charter guests are able to explore some of the world's best sites without having to master the art of scuba diving.

Offering a more natural approach to diving, the experience of using the Third Lung is not unlike snorkelling, only without the need to routinely resurface and the chance to get much deeper into the underwater world.

Trading bulky gear for lightweight apparatus, families and parties are able to discover exceptional marine life with the greatest of ease.

As well as being much more user friendly than conventional scuba diving equipment, Brownie’s system is also much more accessible.

With its surface supplied air source, those on board are afforded an awareness of whereabouts the divers are, making for a wholly controlled and safe experience.

Such an innovative design also means that guests are able to get amongst scenic spots in absolutely no time at all.

Currently taking advantage of this innovative solution are the 50m/164ft charter yacht BROADWATER, the 50m/164ft motor yacht WHEELS and the 43m/42ft  superyacht 'Lady Bee'.

As with all of the latest technology, there’s every reason to presume that the Third Lung will become a regular addition to vessels, and its presence will become as much a part of a luxury charter as towed tenders.

To find out more about the diving options for a luxury yacht vacation, please get in touch with your preferred charter broker

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