Luxury Gulet Yacht Charter

What is a Luxury Gulet Yacht?

Originating from Turkey, a gulet yacht is a type of sailing yacht which comes under the category of a schooner. A schooner is defined as a sailing vessel which features two masts or more, one to the fore and one to the aft of the yacht, the foremast being no taller than the rear masts. Typically, a gulet yacht boasts a beautiful wooden hull traditionally made of woods such as pine, African mahogany and Iroko (West African teak).

Gulet yachts were originally used to transport goods up and down the Turkish coastline and were therefore was crafted to not only be stable but also to ensure the shipment was kept safe and dry. More recently however, although still constructed from beautifully carved wood, luxury gulet yachts are used to carry charter guests rather than cargo.

Gulet sailing yachts are equipped with a hybrid combination of a sail and an engine, offering power and performance though rarely operating on wind power alone. As Gulet yachts were originally constructed for maximum stability, is one of the characteristics that makes them so popular for luxury charter vacations today, particularly amongst guests who are prone to seasickness.

Luxury Gulet Yacht Charter

Due to their strong performance and stability along with modern developments and the addition of luxury accommodation, luxury gulet charter yachts have become increasingly popular over recent years. Gulet charters tend to be most commonly found in their traditional home cruising grounds of Turkey and the eastern Mediterranean. Here the cruising grounds of destinations such as Croatia and the Greek Islands allow guests to explore some of the most secluded hideaways and picturesque landscapes in pure escapism.

Gulet sailing yachts cruise at a graceful speed giving on board charter guests the perfect opportunity to take in the stunning scenery whilst gently meandering on the crystal clear waters. For those looking for a luxury yacht charter vacation that combines history, beauty and generous on board space, a gulet yacht offers an invitingly casual elegance with a 'get away from it all' feel. Search our extensive list of charter yachts to find the perfect Gulet charter for you.

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