What And Where To Eat Whilst On Your Singapore Charter Vacation

By Oliver Pearson   3 March 2016

When chartering Singapore you’ll be as spoilt for food as you are beaches. Due to its historic seaports, Singapore has built its signature style from the traditions of its various and varied visitors.

Blending Eastern and Western influences, Singapore and its surrounding islands are renowned for Hainanese chicken rice, chilli crab, laksa, and roti prata.

On top of offering superb interpretations of Indian and Chinese dishes, you’ll also find outstanding steak houses situated around the island’s food courts.

As well as forming the foundation of Singapore’s national identity, food is one of the city’s leading attractions- from the local expertise of street vendors to the skills of highly trained chefs, guests are never far from uniquely succulent dishes.

In this piece, we look at the options on hand when on your Singapore luxury charter vacation:

Singapore street food
Charter guests get off their luxury yacht and among the street food
Two charter guests enjoying some Singapore street food
Street food in Singapore

Street Food:

On the streets of Singapore you’ll quickly realise that eating isn’t just a necessity here, but a celebrated way of life.

Experiencing the world of local vendors firsthand, guests are given an authentic insight into the culture of the island. Street food- or ‘hawker food’ as it is more commonly known- is where it all started. Its staples are unlikely to offend even the most selective palate- signature rices, noodles, and curries all range from the approachably mild to the daringly hot.    

Hawker food brings a whole new meaning to the expression ‘local food’- eating on the island it isn’t just about tasting the work of Singapore’s chefs, but getting wholly immersed in the world they belong to.

With so much on offer to the hungry guest, it’s worth having a sense of which hawker centres are best to get started with

Lau Pa Sat in Singapore

1: Lau Pa Sat Festival Market:

The oldest of Singapore’s markets, Lau Pa Sat propels itself off the back of a rich and vibrant history. Housed by an impressive Victorian style iron structure, the market is an engaging contrast to the hypermodern financial districts of Singapore.

Capable of seating 2,000 guests, and hosting everything the island has come to be known for, Lau Pa Sat is unmissable if only for the exceptional desserts from Kopitiam.

Newton Food Center in Singapore

Newton Food Centre:

Composed of 83 stalls serving a huge variety of foods, Newton Food Centre is among the more modern hawker centres. Excelling in satay and seafood, vendors treat their guests to outstanding dishes in a lavishly comfortable environment.

Particularly famous for it’s chilli crab, you’ll be sure to hear locals taking up the call of ‘die die must try’.

Old Airport Hawker Center in Singapore

Old Airport Road Hawker Centre:

Critically acclaimed and bustling with a community spirit, the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre is host to over 160 stalls, including the celebrated Lao Ban Soya Beancurd and 51 Soya Beancurd- two spots which guarantee a tasty version of an established Singaporean favourite.

Conveniently situated in the Katong neighbourhood, guests can also sample street classics such as char kway teow, satay, rojak, and satay bee hoon.

Iggy's in Singapore
What And Where To Eat Whilst On Your Singapore Charter Vacation photo 9
What And Where To Eat Whilst On Your Singapore Charter Vacation photo 10


Whilst there’s no chance guests will ever be bored by the street culture, Singapore places an equal emphasis on its contemporary and traditional Restaurant scene.

Bringing together the world’s leading chefs to cater for its diverse and internationally inspired tastes, the island boasts a range of options to rival that of other leading cuisine capitals.

Let’s imagine a typical day:

What And Where To Eat Whilst On Your Singapore Charter Vacation photo 11
What And Where To Eat Whilst On Your Singapore Charter Vacation photo 12

A good place to start would be the Chin Mee Chin Confectionary for some Kaya Toast, a staple Singaporean breakfast food.

A traditional coffee shop, Chin Mee Chin has nonetheless remained contemporary in its furnishings and offers a perfect environment for its sleepy guests to wake up with the island.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

For lunch, visitors to Singapore would be wise to book a table at Waku Ghin at Marina Bay Sands. With an eloquently designed interior, the restaurant offers a premium dining experience complete with a 10 course degustation menu.

Encouraging guests to enjoy its Japanese inspired dishes in a manner consistent with chartering, there is the option to dine in one of its three private ‘cocoon’ rooms. Before heading back into the city, it doesn’t hurt to grab one of their cocktails prepared in an expertly Japanese style.

What And Where To Eat Whilst On Your Singapore Charter Vacation photo 14
What And Where To Eat Whilst On Your Singapore Charter Vacation photo 15
What And Where To Eat Whilst On Your Singapore Charter Vacation photo 16
What And Where To Eat Whilst On Your Singapore Charter Vacation photo 17

For dinner, there really isn’t anything quite like Iggy’s. Occupying the third floor of the Hilton, the restaurant defies strict definition; it isn’t Asian or European, but rather a fusion of the influences of the island it sits on.

A favourite of food critics and a frequent contender on reputable top 100 lists, Iggy’s serves up its elaborate dishes in highly contemporary style. Its signature dish, Cappellini with sakura ebi, konbu and shellfish oil, is not to be missed.

A port in Singapore

Wherever you decide to go in Singapore, you can be confident that you’ll enjoy not only the most fantastically prepared meals, but also the culture which has cultivated them.

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