The Unrivalled Beauty of Thailand’s National Parks

By Oliver Pearson   Last Updated: 3 March 2022

With over 100 national parks, Thailand is undoubtedly an international leader in the way of natural beauty. Indeed, the country’s commitment to preserving sites of sheer awesomeness and serenity isn’t to be found anywhere else in the world. As relaxing goes, it doesn’t get better than this. With so much on offer, it’s worth knowing which of these locations best suits your luxury yacht charter itinerary.

Just as every charter destination is defined by its attractions, Thailand has developed its appeal through the sheer amount of national parks on offer.

Each bearing its own charm, the parks have traditionally enticed visitors to spend endless hours discovering the secrets which abound throughout the riverside communities.

Whether it’s riding elephants, exploring myriad waterfalls or simply idling against some of the world’s most exotic backdrops, Thailand’s national parks are sure to satisfy every kind of charterer.

In this piece, we take a look at a few of the best national parks which can be included on a luxury yacht charter.

Khao Yai National Park

A waterfall in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand
A visitor to Khao Yai National Park riding an elephant
The waterfalls to see in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

Established in 1962, Khao Yai is Thailand’s third-largest national park and boasts a wide variety of wildlife and fauna. Easily accessible from Bangkok, the park accommodates for its guests with plenty of amenities, ensuring that your time spent here is as awe-inspiring as it is comfortable.

Spanning over 300 square kilometers, Khao Yai offers guests the opportunity for kayaking, nighttime wildlife spotting, and access to superbly situated observation decks. Whether it’s hiking or simply taking in these panoramic views, Khao Yai provides its guests with a perfectly blissful environment in which to do so.

Thung Salaeng Luang National Park

A monk in natural formation found at the Thung Salaeng Luang National Park
The sunset over the Thung Salaeng Luang National Park, ThailandCascading water on the rocks at Thung Salaeng Luang National Park

As well as being one of Thailand’s most important wildlife sanctuaries, Thung Salaeng Luang National Park is famously recognized for its emphasis on relaxation.

In the company of exotic birds, guests are able to unwind in front of Namtok Kaeng Sopha, a tiered waterfall more commonly referred to as the ‘Niagara Falls of Thailand’.

Conveniently located along Highway 12, the park is complete with a viewing platform on which to take in the sublimity of the surrounding area.

Replete with sublime landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and plenty of exotic wildlife, Thailand’s national parks are all but unmissable when it comes to chartering this richly varied destination

Ao Phang-Nga National Park

A canoe exploring Ao Phang-Nga National Park, Thailand
Vessels in the waters surrounding Ao Phang-Nga National Park, Thailand
An open view of Ao Phang-Nga National Park, Thailand

Famous for its classic karst scenery, Ao Phang-Nga National Park offers its guests access to a huge variety of caves and lagoons.

The perfect balance to Thailand’s bustling city life, the park is home to the largest remaining primary mangrove forests, the habitat of many friendly reptiles.

If you’re prepared to head out early in the morning or hang around until the early evening, it’s possible to get a huge slice of its idyllic beach all to yourself.

Light falling into Phraya Nakhon Cave, Thailand

To get the most out of Thailand’s National Parks it’s essential to be considerate of the country’s climate. For the parks it’s advisable to visit from around November to February when the chance of rain keeps the  waterfalls and scenery in a healthy and vibrant condition.

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