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6 Of The Best Dive Spots To Visit On A Thailand Yacht Charter

By Oliver Pearson   Last Updated: 18 April 2023

One of the many advantages of chartering a yacht is the opportunity to easily access the world’s very best dive spots in the highest comfort. Nowhere is this more obvious than Thailand, a country surrounded by exceptional bays and coasts dense with beautifully varied marine life. In this article, our experts handpick 6 of the best spots to unpack your scuba gear and dive in.

1. The Similan Islands

Blue lagoon in the Similan Islands
Scuba diver on a reef in the Similan Islands
Scuba on a reef in the Similan Islands

With outstanding visibility and underwater scenery, there’s no wonder that the Similan Islands have become one of the world’s leading diving destinations.

Comprised of nine tiny islands fringed with white sands, the Similan Islands are home to leopard sharks, batfish, moray eels, and unicornfish.

A celebrated national park, the islands offer a fantastic range of locations for beach, drift, and open water dives. Of course, to best enjoy these spots it’s best to have had some previous experience and the company of a local dive guide.

Taking the time to hit up the exceptional dive spots in Thailand is the best way to complete your charter vacation

Spots which deserve the most attention are assuredly Beacon Point at the extreme south of the Islands, and Elephant Head Rock between the centre islands. In both cases, divers are treated to a myriad of interesting granite formations in which to inspect the marine life.

When planning your luxury charter vacation in Thailand, it’s worth keeping in mind that this spot is closed between 1st May to 15th October of each year.

2. Richelieu Rock

Scuba divers around a coral reef of Richelieu Rock, Similan Islands
A whale shark swimming at Richelieu Rock in Thailand waters

Situated in the famous stretch of the Andaman Sea lying between the Similan and Surin Islands, Richelieu Rock is a horse-shoe-shaped formation adorned with soft corals and sea fans.

Rated as one of the best diving spots in the world, the Rock attracts largely intermediate to seasoned divers. As well as featuring whale sharks and manta rays, the nooks of the formation have been colonised by smaller but no less friendly exotic fish.

With decent visibility, this site offers a fantastic opportunity to grab some truly exceptional underwater photos.

3. Koh Bon

Koh Bon Island in Thailand

Located an hour north of the Similan Islands, Koh Bon offers the best place for divers to encounter manta rays and leopard sharks. With a wall rising over 30 metres and a small cove to explore, this dive spot provides an engaging experience for those daring to go deep underwater.

With the chance of seeing a red octopus or boxer shrimp amongst its various corals, there’s every reason to make the cruise out to Koh Bon and spend an afternoon exploring.

4. Phi Phi Islands

long tailed boats are anchored lapped by green waters with a limestone rocky outcrop in the distance
A moray eel on a reef in the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand

For a more relaxed diving experience, head out to the Phi Phi Islands between Phuket and the Strait of Malacca.

Although much more accessible and beginner-friendly than other spots in Thailand, the islands don’t compromise an inch on the quality of marine life. With an amazing array of exotic creatures ranging from hawksbill turtles to black-tip reef sharks to angelfish, this spot offers a wholly immersive experience.

With numerous caves and cavern penetrations, divers are able to enjoy a wholly exotic discovery trip. Even before you dive into its clear waters you’ll be struck by the emerald green formations which emerge from its depths- some extending over 50 metres high.

What’s more, the Phi Phi Islands are home to some extraordinarily idyllic beaches which make for a perfect place to unwind after an afternoon spent underwater. For fans of the silver screen, these waters were used in scenes for the motion picture ‘The Beach’ as well as the iconic Bond film ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’.

Accessing such unrivalled dive spots via luxury yacht is unquestionably a once in a lifetime experience

5. Pattaya

Scuba diving in Pattaya, Thailand

Whilst there’s no chance divers will tire of seeing the richest variety of marine life in Thailand, Pattaya boasts an impressive wreck that is sure to satisfy the urges of the explorer.

Located just 40 minutes from the shore, the wreck of HTMS Kut provides a magical playground for advanced divers. Superbly preserved by the Thai Navy, the wreck presents very few hazards for divers passing through the engine room and inspecting the history which resides on the face of the vessel.

An absolute must for the diving enthusiast keen to complete his list of leading destinations.

6. Koh Samui

A scuba diver swims past a tropical reef in Koh Samui, Thailand

Whilst chartering the waters of Thailand, it makes sense to take advantage of your proximity to Koh Samui in the Gulf. Catering to divers of all abilities, the spot is sheltered from the major oceans and available to be explored all year round.

Whale sharks and stingrays are frequent visitors to the sloping coral reefs, and visitors can also expect to get up close to turtles and triggerfish. Being so close to Samui means that after a day of calm diving, you’ll be able to unwind at a range of bars and restaurants on the island.

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To find out more about chartering in the region, please see our Thailand yacht charter guide. For some inspiration, check out our sample itineraries handpicked by experts with in-depth knowledge of the region.

In order to enquire about a charter which visits the dive spots mentioned in this article, please get in touch with your preferred charter broker.

Alternatively, take a look at all luxury charter yachts in Thailand.

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