Cambodia Photo Tour

Explore Cambodia with our photo tour of the area. Our selection of photos of famous landmarks, architecture, beaches to get a real flavour of the people and their culture to help you choose your next yachting vacation location.

Big sculpture standing on the wall rock
Sculptures of faces in the Temple of Bayon
 Beautiful sunset over the city
City at sunrise
Asian carving
Simple, colourful boat moored at the shore
Giant, old trees with protruding roots next to the temple
Traditional Cambodian dancers
Remains of ancient temple at sunset
Picture of walking tamed buffalo
Picture of illuminated monument
Man enters the temple
Statues of the goddess on the wall
Rice fields with trees between them
Garden inside the museum with palm trees and cannons
Man on decorated elephant passing through the gate
Children rowing on the lake
Sunset over the island
Beautiful architectonic building
Royal Palace with beautiful big garden
Picture of persimmon fruit on the market stall
Suset over the lake with lilies on the water surface
Monkey sitting on the tree in the forest
Tree with roots on the wall of the temple
Sunbeds with the umbrella from the straw on the beach
Remains of ancient buddhist temple
Two monks in Angkor Wat
Cambodian temple at sunrise
River show in Phnom Penh
Majestic, architectonic palace with beautiful garden
Historical buddhist temple visiting by tourists
Poor, primitive fishing village
Poor floating houses in the middle of nature
Child Poverty in Cambodia
Beautifully designed museum in Cambodia
Sculptures of soldiers standing in a row
A monk visiting and admiring the ancient temple
Wooden huts in the middle of palm trees
Historical castle with many towers
Old skull
Gold tower of the Grand Palace
Red rocks in the translucid sea and green hills in the background
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