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10 Top Charter Yachts With Limousine Tenders

Providing ample coverage when making the trip from a luxury yacht to the mainland, a limousine tender allows you to arrive at your destination in an appropriately stylish fashion. Unlike more traditional open tenders, the enclosed nature of the limousine tender means there’s never any danger of hair or makeup being undone by salty air and strong winds.

Taking its functional cues from the Venetian water taxi and its aesthetic inspiration from superyacht design, the limousine tender is in many ways the marriage of function and form. Just as varied as the luxury yachts they depart from, limousine tenders range from the classically styled to those which capture the spirit of their motor yacht in a scaled down model.

In this feature, we take a look at ten of the best limousine tenders belonging to superyachts available for charter.

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