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Finding a Yacht Charter Broker


A yacht broker is an industry expert who knows everything there is to know about luxury yacht charters. With access to the entire fleet of yachts available worldwide, they have stepped on board some of the most luxurious superyachts, met with crew and sampled gourmet cuisine so that when it comes to planning your yacht charter; they get it right first time, every time.

Once you have decided you would like to book a superyacht charter, have a handful of yachts in mind, an idea of what type of charter you’re looking for and who you would like to join you, it’s time to start planning your yacht charter vacation.

Why use a yacht broker?

Although it is optional to use a charter broker, no matter how much you know, or think you know about chartering a yacht, a charter broker always knows more.

An experienced broker will also have established relationships with a wide number of yachts, Captains and Owners, understand marine law jurisdictions, can explain the intricate terminology of yacht charter contracts and has in-depth knowledge of popular yachting destinations and their respective optimum charter seasons. 

A family gaze out towards MY Titania

There are many reasons to use a charter broker, and in an ever-evolving industry there is nothing like the knowledge of an expert to guide you through the process of booking your luxury holiday or corporate yacht charter according to your needs.

Whether you’re planning a luxury yacht charter vacation for the first, second or umpteenth time it is always important to use the knowledge and support of a yacht broker.

Reasons to book through a yacht broker:

  • First-hand experience of superyachts and luxury destinations
  • Knowledge and expertise of the necessary legalities (contracts, escrow accounts)
  • Unbiased advice
  • Someone to research and ask questions (even awkward ones) on your behalf
  • Protection in the unlikely event anything should go awry, a yacht broker can provide a buffer between you and the yacht owner

How to find one you can trust

Making sure your next dream charter is being handled by the right broker is no easy feat. In the same way it is important to find a charter yacht that best suits your personality and taste, it is essential your yacht broker can appeal to the same senses.

Four young suited professionals

Not all brokers speak all languages, not all brokers are experienced in each and every yacht on the market, not all brokers have first hand knowledge of every single cruising destination and their points of interest and not all brokers are available to organise your charter at once. 

Shop around for a broker who you feel most comfortable with, someone with whom you can voice your honest opinion when it comes to planning exactly what you want.

A couple shakes hands with a professional man

Helping you find the right yacht charter broker

An expert team is on hand to offer you the necessary customer support to accompany you throughout the process. They can coordinate the planning of your charter and present a carefully handpicked selection of the most relevant brokers most suited to your needs.

Furthermore, an expert team can bring an additional level of customer service, objectivity, trust, safety and transparency to the process that is especially relevant for newcomers not yet accustomed to the organisation of a yacht charter

Professional associations for yacht brokers

The superyacht enterprise has evolved tremendously over the decades, which prompted industry brokers to set up a professional organisation to promote the highest ethical and technical standards in the yachting industry, meaning owners and charterers alike can benefit from safeguards incorporated within their charter agreements and be assured they are being represented by experienced professionals.  

The professional organisations listed below, commonly referred to by their acronyms, each acknowledge experienced charter brokers and only allow members who are reputable industry experts to join.

IYBA - International Yacht Brokers Association

CYBA - Charter Yacht Brokers Association

MYBA - Worldwide Yachting Association

HYBA - Hellenic Yacht Brokers Association

AYCA - American Yacht Charter Association

For the majority of these organisations it is mandatory for brokers to hold Personal Indemnity Insurance and meet a rigorous set of requirements, including attendance at a variety of seminars and yacht shows in order to maintain their knowledge of the market.

Line of in-water yachts at the Monaco yacht show

It is also possible for a broker to be a member of more than one association, and if you are unsure which group a broker is part of do not hesitate to ask outright.

How much will a yacht broker cost?

Absolutely nothing.

All of these services are at no extra cost to you, as all commissions paid to brokers are included in the package — in other words, whether you decide to make use of our partners’ service, contact a broker or prepare your charter yourself makes no difference to the price tag attached to it.

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Next steps

Find your perfect yacht charter broker using our broker enquiries form and we will match you with the top candidates that best suits your needs.

If you are intested in viewing yachts to discuss with your broker, browse our extensive luxury charter fleet featuring over 3,000 yachts.

For further helpful information on booking and chartering a luxury yacht, read our comprehensive advice guides.

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