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    Leeward Islands Destination Guide
    Leeward Islands Yacht Charter Guide

    This glittering archipelago of volcanic islands enchants each of its visitors with unbelievably clear waters and glistening shorelines which invite guests to wind down in a haven of sheer opulence. The Leeward Islands offer everything from splendid tropical landscapes to shimmering white beaches and provide an intoxicating combination of sunshine, fresh air and rich vegetation.

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    An Antigua Yacht Charter Offers Endless Opportunity
    Antigua Yacht Charter Guide

    Antigua’s picture-perfect coast is home to what feels like endless stretches of powder-soft beaches with secret caves surrounded by nothing by azure blue. Explore waters once travelled by Nelson, and discover enchanting coral reefs that once troubled enemy ships, from the comfort of your charter yacht. The winter home of A-list stars including Giorgio Armani and Oprah, an Antigua yacht charter offers some of the Caribbean’s most exclusive resorts, nested in a myriad of bays and inlets.

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    Barbuda Destination Guide
    Barbuda Yacht Charter Guide

    Lying 43km north of the Caribbean island of Antigua, Barbuda remains remarkably undeveloped compared to its more famous sister.

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    Discovering The Leeward Islands Yachting Itinerary
    Discovering The Leeward Islands

    Sandwiched between the Virgin Islands and Barbados, the Leeward Islands offer some spectacular sights to give you memories which will last a lifetime. From dolphins to duty free shopping to periodic architecture, there is something for everyone in this collection of family islands. Chartering through the islands, sit back and relax as you experience some of the best Caribbean vibes.