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Should I Still Charter in the Caribbean Following All Of The Damage?

By Oliver Pearson   1 November 2017

Offering a positive perspective on the situation in the Caribbean, a captain with considerable experience explains how planning a charter this winter could well change lives.

The following article was written by AJ Anderson and the full piece can be found on here.

My wife was at an industry function last week and listened to a few charter agents speak about clients cancelling their Caribbean charter vacations this year instead of changing to ports lower in the Caribbean that had not been affected.

My wife asked what I would do in a charter client’s position, and my short response was I would probably cancel also. I would feel terrible to be anchored off in the Grenadines enjoying the beauty and the fine services of the crew, knowing just a hundred to two hundred miles north so much suffering was taking place.

Then it occurred to me, if I could afford to charter such a yacht, that it would be the charter of a lifetime to take my family on a yacht “vacation” to help support the devastated islands. If you are that person, you would call a few of your friends who would also be able to afford chartering a large yacht to do the same thing.

Creating a sort of armada of vacationing families that would be led by experienced crew and professionals with relief-effort experience. Planning and provisioning specifically with the known area needs. Explaining to the charter families what the mission was, building their interest, and then going to work together to help others.

This is an unusual opportunity to take what may look like a broken charter season with lost vacations to an experience that will change the lives of everyone allowed to participate

If it is too much for your family at this time, you can still make a difference. Go to Mark’s organization’s website, YachtAid Global.

In order to find out more about superyacht charters in the Caribbean this winter, feel free to get in touch with your preferred charter broker.

Article reused with permission from; copyright 2017 RedHedInk LLC.


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