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Phuket Expands to Boost Thailand’s Superyacht Industry

By Editorial Team   25 June 2015

Following recent developments in Thailand’s charter rules, the Royal Phuket Marina has now announced plans for a five-year $150 million (five million baht) investment to boost the country’s status as a leading charter destination.

Alongside a marina expansion, development of hotels, luxury homes and water facilities are planned additions to Royal Phuket Marina in a bid to make it the destination of choice for those on luxury yacht charters in South East Asia.

As part of the change, the marina will offer Thailand’s first dry stack system, a state-of-the-art facility that can allow yacht owners and charterers to store vessels under cover from the elements. It will also grow to providing berths for 250 yachts, and offer a concierge service at all hours of the day.

Speaking on the investment, the Royal Phuket Marina’s chairman, Gulu Lalvani commented, “The Five Billion Baht planned investment over the next five years is part of my vision to make Royal Phuket Marina an iconic waterfront lifestyle destination.”

He added that he hopes that marina will thrive as ‘a destination that will support Phuket tourism attracting visitors from around the world.

The news follows the Thai governments announcement on 19 June that new 12-month charter permits will become available for superyachts over 30 metres (with a full hull third-party liability insurance and a maximum 12-guest capacity) from the Ministry of Transport as soon as next month. Immigration legislation extending the amount of time crews can stay in Thailand beyond a month is expected to follow.

Thailand is clearly investing heavily in its superyacht industry, the benefits of which will be seen in numbers applying for charter licenses and visiting the country in its prime season, from November to April of this year.

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make Royal Phuket Marina an iconic waterfront lifestyle destination

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