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Digital campaign aims to attract more visitors and superyachts to Puerto Banús

By Katia Damborsky   1 August 2018

Titled ‘Like No Other’, the campaign gives visitors a glimpse into the unique culture of the coastal capital of luxury on Spain’s southern shores. Hopefully, the social media campaign will inspire more charter yachts to become available in the Costa del Sol region.

Set against a backdrop of rugged mountains and overlooking an azure ocean, Puerto Banús is the ideal candidate for a campaign that will use images and videos to capture its essence.

The campaign’s goal is to establish the town as the perfect destination for those who want to embrace the good life and live out their dreams in the lap of luxury. It also hopes to encourage more owners to make their yachts available for charter from this area.

In spite of its sandy beaches, prodigious shopping opportunities and luxury living, Puerto Banús does not have many superyachts available for charter. Tucked away at the most southerly tip of the Costa del Sol, it's often overlooked in favour of classic charter hotspots like Monaco and St Tropez, which are closer in proximity to each other. In Spain, the most popular charter destinations are currently Ibiza and Barcelona.

This new campaign aims to change that. The 'Like No Other' campaign places a strong emphasis on yachts, while highlighting the exclusive, luxury culture that the town shares with other charter destinations. 

The campaign places a strong emphasis on yachts and highlights the exclusive, luxury culture that the town shares with other charter destinations. 

Gradually released through Instagram and Facebook, the series of carefully curated photos and videos are accompanied by the overarching ‘Like No Other’ theme, but will use different maxims to deliver individual messages.

The most recent post is an avant-garde amalgamation of text, image and video published on Instagram. It shows a sailing boat gliding across a glassy, bronze ocean at sunset. "The best things in life are free,’ reads an accented voice, with the corresponding text overlaid in Spanish, "such as feeling the breeze on a yacht deck."

Another Instagram mini-series includes a shot of Puerto Banús’ glittering marina stocked with sleek yachts at nightfall. "True beauty lies within." Read the words at the bottom of the screen. "Welcome to Puerto Banús."

Puerto Banús: A Prestigious Playground for the Wealthy

Named after its chief designer José Banús, the town was inspired by the architectural minds responsible for putting Beverly Hills on the proverbial map. Initially, Banús intended to create a vibrant, urban feeling with high-rise skyscrapers and contemporary buildings but he was eventually convinced to go down another route.

In the end, Puerto Banús was created as a sophisticated, but glamorous Andalusian town and marina that retains some of its fishing village charm. Its grand opening was attended by famous Hollywood icons and esteemed European Royalty and included 300 waiters serving beluga caviar while the guests enjoyed a performance by Julio Iglesias. Even before the red ribbon was cut, Puerto Banús was carving itself out as a superior holiday hotspot for the rich and famous.

Nowadays, Puerto Banús still plays host to such guests. The town is well-known for its designer shopping, as it boasts the highest concentration of luxury brands per square metre in Europe.

However, several of the boutiques still sport unfussy facades that simply feature their logos mounted against whitewashed walls, giving the streets a timeless ambiance.  Gleaming, exotic cars cruise the narrow streets, their passengers peering into the shopfronts of designer maisons tucked below Mediterranean apartments. 

While browned clay rooves and iron balconies still dominate the landscape, the marina has been heavily influenced by ornate Arabic architecture. The design extends to the homes that overlook the ocean and the shopping complexes, lending the area an exotic cross of cultures.

Even before the red ribbon was cut, Puerto Banús was carving itself out as a superior holiday hotspot for the rich and famous.

The town is renowned for its nightlife. For unparalleled views over the marina, buzzing bars and exclusive eateries are assembled along the town’s promenade. El Gran Gatsby offers first-class dining with menus incorporating comfortable classics and divine cuisine, and an adjoining lounge bar allows for dinner, drinks and dancing all under one roof.  

Closer inland, La Sala provides stunning panoramic views over the mountains and caters to bottomless brunches, light lunchtime bites and transforms into a club with live music events at night.

Olivia Valere is another restaurant-club hybrid just a short cab ride from central Puerto Banús, close to Marbella. The famous party venue is split into tiers with tables around each ledge that overlook the dancefloor. You can get involved or sit back and enjoy the entertainment that the club provides.

Puerto Banús is home to the tail end of the  "The Golden Mile", a stretch of tourist-tracked land that ticks off all the sights of neighbouring Marbella and ends in the harbour of Puerto Banús. Beyond the harbour, a beach invites visitors to bask in Puerto Banús’ warm microclimate, which is fostered by the mountains to the north. 

This affable climate and the luxe lifestyle means that Puerto Banús does attract some charter yachts, and the marina has the capacity to berth 915 boats. Visitors can peruse the selection of yachts on offer, or choose to undertake a private yacht charter to explore the surrounding Mediterranean for themselves.

Not quite in keeping with the glamorous theme of Puerto Banús, the town is home to a quirky, but remarkable three-tonne statue of a rhinoceros by Salvador Dalí, lovingly described as a ‘monster masterpiece.’ The statue was donated to the port town by a businessman in 2004 and sits imposingly atop a granite pedestal on a roundabout near the inland entrance to Puerto Banús.

Its name translated means the Rhino Dressed in Lace and is a fitting testament to Dalí’s preoccupation with the surreal- the rhino also features a sea urchin on its back, which was supposedly Dalí’s favourite food and sea urchins appear in many of Dalí’s works as a symbol of perfect creation.

On the Costa del Sol, it’s hard to imagine a more fitting town to adopt the motto ‘Like No Other’. The unique charm and lively atmosphere makes it a perfect charter destination for those looking to experience another side of Spain and explore what makes Puerto Banús truly like no other.

If you'd like to charter a yacht in Puerto Banús, speak to your preferred charter broker.

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