I'm going to Greece on my yacht charter. Will I be able to scuba dive by myself or will I need an instructor?


Editorial Team

If you are qualified and hold a proper license that allows you to dive on your own, or with your dive buddies, then you may not need to be accompanied by the onboard dive instructor.  Whether you will be permitted to scuba dive off the yacht will be specific to your, and the charter's, insurance policies. Some yachts opt to permit you to scuba dive off a boat belonging to a third-party, to limit their insurance liability.

If you do not have the proper licence, or have never scuba dived before, you will definitely need to be assisted, and you should ensure that the charter yacht you have selected does have a qualified instructor onboard that will do so, whether the diving gear is provided or you bring your own.  

Please note that there may also be costs associated with dives that will possibly be charged to your expense accounts / APA. Make sure you double check with your broker.


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