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I'm trying to book a yacht charter next summer for a big group of us - 16 in total - but I cannot find a yacht that will allow more than 12 guests at a time? Is this a universal rule and if so, why is it enforced?


Editorial Team

The number of guests allowed onboard a charter yacht depends on her compliance with safety regulations, whether she’s SOLAS or not, amongst other criteria - which includes having large lifeboats to take everyone onboard should anything happen to the main vessel.

A superyacht that is  legal for more than 12 passengers, take SHERAKHAN for example,  can always take fewer guests, but will not take more than the capacity allowed by the maritime authorities. And that’s the case for all floating vessels, whether intended for 6, 12, 24 or more passengers.

When you navigate Yacht Charter Fleet, you will have indications of the number of guests / passengers allowed onboard within the yacht specifications.


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