I am interested in booking a sailing yacht charter but am a bit confused about the types of sailing yachts that are available. For example, I keep coming across the term 'Gulet' but am I unsure of what it actually means. Please can you clarify?


Editorial Team

A gulet is a motor sailing yacht, hand-crafted entirely from wood and is equipped with 1 or 2 masts, built for cruising the Mediterranean Coast. They were originally built and used by fishermen and sponge divers to transport their catch but these days they have been luxuriously redesigned specifically for yachting holidays.

A classic gulet has a rounded aft, low-to-the-water profile and roomy hull but this design has been adapted recently to cater for more cabin space. The 'ayna kic' (flat-backed) style of gulet, is becoming increasingly popular as a charter vessel.

Gulets contain large fresh water tanks, a fuel tank and a waste tank - all added to increase the comfort on board. With these additions, the weight of the gulet has therefore increased and has made them more suitable for cruising than for sailing. 


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