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Are we going to be allowed to go ashore whenever we want to or is that dictated by our itinerary? Also, will there be plenty of things to keep us entertained while we are away from the yacht?


Editorial Team

In principle, charter guests can go ashore whenever they want, provided the shore is close enough for the yacht tenders to be able to shuttle back and forth. There can also be restrictions if you are cruising regions with protected shores as your tender may simply not be allowed to beach wherever you like. In any case, going ashore requires your Captain and crew to be advised a few hours before doing so, in order to prepare and get the tenders out at sea. They will alert you if there is any reason that may prevent you from taking that ride — and that included changing weather conditions that may make the ride very uncomfortable, if not dangerous.

Parts of your itinerary will involve going ashore and discovering coastal places as well as giving the opportunity through other forms of transport (pre-bookd) to travel inland.

There will be plenty of things to do to keep you entertained - if you ask your broker about your destination, they will be able to assist you with any queries you may have and they should be able to recommend some good places to visit.

You can also visit our destination guides section on this website which has further information about things to do and what not to miss.


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