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How does tipping work on a luxury yacht charter? Is it expected to tip the captain and crew? If so, what is the expected amount?


Editorial Team

There is a bit of a grey area with regards to tipping, and tips are usually made at the guest’s discretion based on the service they have received.

The amount to tip may vary depending on the destination of the charter. An American crew will expect a tip of no less than 15 percent, whereas a European crew will be happy with a tip between 5 to 10 percent. 

It is customary for any tipping to take place at the end of the charter and to be presented to the captain, who will then divide it amount amongst the crew.

Some guests may feel the need to tip individually, particularly if they have been taken with a particular member of the crew - it is important to resist this, and remember that deck crew will be more visible whilst engineers, although out of sight, work hard behind the scenes to ensure the yacht is running smoothly; so individual tipping is not recommended since the crew come as a team and you should treat them as such.

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