I’ve been into travel agents many times looking to book a holiday but it has never been suggested that I go on a yacht charter. They have tried to sell me a cruise ship vacation numerous times but never a yacht charter vacation. Why is that?


Editorial Team

Most travel agents have neither the experience or connections with the yachting industry ; and that is because a yacht charter is primarily a bespoke holiday, tailor made to suit your requirements - from where you go, to the choice of superyacht you will board.   It is organised by « yachting people », ie charter brokers, who know the yachts, the crew, the destinations and are the experts at providing the relevant pieces of advice to make it happen.

Most travel agents will sell readily made packages, they will sell holiday experiences they have knowledge of, and which they are skilled to arrange or organise. In addition, travel agents do not have access to the superyacht charter fleet to check the availability of a yacht. The only thing that a travel agent could do is tell you that they will liaise with a charter broker to take care of it all — but then you no longer need the services of a travel agent.


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