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I went on a vacation on a cruise ship last year and my other half has been talking about booking a yacht charter for our next holiday. What exactly is the difference between a yacht charter and a cruise ship vacation?


Editorial Team

To make it simple, think about it with the following analogy : Whilst a cruise ship is like a hotel, with rooms to book and passengers being issued tickets for a predetermined itinerary, a yacht is like a villa, where the charterer(s) rent the space as a whole, no matter how many people are actually hosted, and will decide how they want to make use of the facility for the duration of the rental. Beyond this practical difference, there is simply no comparison between a holiday on a cruise ship, amidst hundreds of others passengers, and a charter experience onboard a private yacht that takes you where you want to go, and will only accommodate the family and friends you have invited to join you onboard.


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