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In the unlikely event of requiring medical attention, how is this arranged when on board a charter?


Editorial Team

In the event of a medical emergency, the Captain and crew will take every necessary measure to transfer you to the nearest hospital.

Although most superyachts have skilled crew members that are able to provide first aid and are equipped to help with minor medical attentions, superyachts are seldom staffed to be fully medically autonomous, and there is no room for surgery onboard.

Many charter yachts have round-the-clock telemedical service, linking the yacht directly with a doctor via satellite. In a serious situation, a medical evacuation can take place via helicopter with private jet transportation, should that be necessary. If a patient cannot be transported as a result of an accident onboard, then the Crew will do what it takes to get the relevant specialists onboard instead - much as if you were faced with a similar medical emergency at home.

In any case, you should check with your insurance company which costs will be covered by your travel insurance, especially if there is a need for repatriation or an operation in a foreign hospital.

You can also check with your broker for exact medical supplies and facilities on board specific yachts.


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