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What amenities and facilities will be available to me and my family while we are on our luxury yacht charter vacation? Will there be laundry facilities on board?


Editorial Team

Most superyachts have everything you need onboard. A home away from home, for guests and crew, and will come equipped with everything you can think of, from washing machines to the Internet — although, in the latter case, the possibility to connect while cruising the high seas away from any shore base may make it difficult ; or costly if downloading data through satellite connections !

The main question is rather to figure what is included in the charter rate and fees, and what is not. This will depend both on the type of contract (see our initial explanation on the terms of the contract in and the level of « inclusive » service that is comprised, or not, in the charter agreement.

Whilst it may be understandable that costly Internet satellite connections may be charged to the charterers, and that any fuel used for water sports activities is chargeable like the rest of the fuel used to cruise from point A to point B, a lot of the facilities onboard are available to guests free or charge. And that may include the use of the laundry machines for personal washing. Or not. As usual, check with your broker to make sure that any special requirements is anticipated by the crew and there is no surprise for anyone once the charter has started.


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