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I'm going on a yacht charter next month but I've never been on one before and I have no idea what to pack! What essentials would you advise I bring with me? Also, is there a limit to the amount of luggage I can take with me?


Editorial Team

If the destination is warm, pack lightweight, summer clothes that are both casual for wearing on deck and smarter for going out when on land. Ensure you remember swimwear and as a prerequisite, sunglasses, hats and sun cream are vital protection from the sun. Personal effects such as laptops, ipods, phones, jewellery etc are also all considered normal items to bring, just ensure you have the right insurance for these items. Check with your broker with regard to space to help you determine the rough size of luggage you can bring. 

You can read our article on the matter ( and should simply remember that you will be living by the sea ; so bringing onboard anything that is fragile and does not like contact with salt water is to be avoided — but that does not mean that you will have to leave your smartphone at home !


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