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There are so many yachts to choose from! How can I be sure to find the perfect one for me?


Editorial Team

This is no easy feat, but the initial selection shall be rather straightforward.

It will depend on your expected budget, the number of guests in your party, the destination or cruising region you intend to visit and the dates of your holiday — which will help determine the range of available superyachts.

Of course the earlier you start searching, the wider the choice. Last minute charter requests, especially during the peak months, will reduce the number of yachts available.

Thereafter much of the selection process will have to do with your own preferences, from the interior and exterior styles of the superyachts to the amenities onboard, the type of yacht you are looking for — from sailing yachts to sports fishers to exploration vessels or fast open yachts, and so on — and your requirements when it comes to the Chef’s specialties.

The best way to start the process is to make use of Yacht Charter Fleet’s detailed search engine. Once you have identified a few suitable options, then it’s time to check availability and have a charter broker involved in finalising the process.


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