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The type of work I do means it is very rare for me to get a full week of holiday at any one time during the year. Is there a limit to the minimum and maximum amount of time I can charter a yacht for?


Editorial Team

There are no fixed rules when it comes superyacht charter durations. Depending on the season / time of the year, some superyachts may require a minimum of time for any charter booking — for example two weeks over Christmas and New Year — but most superyachts will be rather flexible, even if the rates are determined on a weekly basis. It all depends on the organisation of the yacht’s schedule and back-to-back charters. In some instances there may even be some special offers for a few days to fill up a week in between two charters. Do not hesitate to ask your broker, especially when you know that you will not be able to book a full week. With regards the maximum duration, there is no limit really, except those set by the vessel’s maintenance schedule, time in the yard and Owner use. It may even be possible to negotiate better weekly rates if you do intend to book a long charter.


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