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My husband is a keen diver and I am very eager to learn. Will I be able to have lessons while we are on on our yacht charter vacation?


Editorial Team

Dependent on the yacht you charter, you should be able to learn how to scuba dive. Yachts have specific insurance liabilities with regard to scuba diving and it is best to speak with your broker with regard to this. Some yachts offer training and allow you to scuba off the yacht itself, and some yachts employ a third party to undertake scuba instruction and you learn and dive off their boat instead. 

If there is a dive instructor onboard this is certainly one of the activities to go for.

Please note however that you will still need to be deemed physically fit for it, and therefore are likely to need to hold a license before any dive instructor can start teaching you – although this varies from country to country, and « surface » dives may be allowed without a license but with a medical certificate only.


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