I will potentially need to work while on board and cannot be out of range for a long time. Will the yacht have internet facilities?


Editorial Team

Internet access has become quite the norm onboard most superyachts nowadays. However, you should keep in mind that there can be hefty costs associated with the use of the Internet through satellite connections. It is therefore wise to ask your broker about the possibility of connection, and to check the sort of Internet access available - as any cost for it will be charged to your expense account.

Broadly speaking, three to five miles offshore is usually the maximum range for wi-fi or mobile phone coverage. You can obtain wi-fi wireless routers, or booster antennas which may help boost your signal onboard.

Another possible, though more expensive option, is Yachtspot, one of the longest-running products in this field, it produces the simplest and most reliable mobile and wi-fi marine systems using high-quality components. Check with your broker for exact information concerning specific yachts and their internet coverage


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