Is it possible to change our itinerary while on our cruise?


Editorial Team

Of course. This is one of the essential or « unique selling points » of a superyacht charter. Because you are not a passenger going from point A to point B amongst many others, and the vessel is « yours », you can decide to stay longer somewhere you enjoy most, skip other places and change cruising grounds as you wish.

Simply remember that there may be practical and technical limitations to itinerary changes, from the distances to cover to berthing arrangements, weather conditions and safety are but a small few. Do not assume that everything you want will be possible, and discuss any changes with your Captain as early as you can so the new itinerary can be adapted and adjusted in the smartest way.

The captain is in charge of the vessel and therefore his decision is final. He will however go out of his way to ensure you enjoy every moment of your charter and therefore will make sure the itinerary is perfect from the outset.


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