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    Superyacht 'PACIFIC YELLOWFIN' has August Availability in British Columbia

    21 July 2014

    The 35m classic yacht PACIFIC YELLOWFIN still has availability on its charter calendar from August 17-23 and later in September for prime seasonal cruising in British Columbia.

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    Alternative Summer Yacht Charters in Alaska
    Alternative Summer Yacht Charters in Alaska

    21 June 2013

    This time of year is normally all about the yacht shows in the Western Mediterranean, Greece, Turkey, and New England, due to the fact that their summer charter seasons are now well under way. However another not so cliche summer charter destination is a world away, literally.

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    Alaska Destination Guide
    Alaska Yacht Charter Guide

    From snow-capped mountains to intriguing totem poles, Alaska is brimming with astounding natural beauty and a plethora of unforgettable sights. Although you might imagine bitterly cold winds, prowling wildlife and towering glaciers in reality Alaska offers much more as well as a whole host of surprises.

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    North America Destination Guide
    North America Yacht Charter Guide

    Explore iconic cities, beautiful national parks and stunning beaches whilst twisting and turning amongst endless rolling vistas and ocean roads. From snow-capped mountains to vast barren deserts, towering forests and crystalline lakes, one lifetime is not enough to experience everything North America’s cruising grounds have to offer.

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    Northwest America Destination Guide
    Northwest America Yacht Charter Guide

    The intricate coastline of Northwest America encompasses the haunting allure of Alaska, the sheltered coves of the Pacific Northwest, year round sailing in San Francisco Bay and sun drenched beaches in California, making for an unforgettable luxury yacht charter. Astounding landscapes, tranquil waters and a rich combination of cultures are just a few of the wondrous encounters that you can expect.