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    Charter yacht Nomi at anchor in Greece
    NOMI Charter Yacht Has Last Minute Offer in Place

    7 August 2013

    Charter yacht NOMI is available with no delivery fees for charters beginning between 10th and 13th August, 2013, starting in Mykonos and ending in Marmaris/Bodrum.

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    Admire the Suleymaniye Mosque
    Turkey Yacht Charter Guide

    From slender minarets and ancient domes that punctuate the endless violet sky, to fertile plains planted with cotton, grapes and olives, Turkey is a country that embraces its east-meets-west origins. Walk the steps of the Silk Road Traders, Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great to discover ancient ruins, dazzling harbours and vibrant cities alive with energetic street life.

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    Greece & Turkey Yachting Itinerary
    Greece & Turkey

    When you sail around the Greek isles, you follow in the wake of millennia of travelers. Starting with such legendary figures as Odysseus, sailing around these rugged islands amongst deep blue waters has been a romantic, idealized venture. As you island-hop from ancient cities to ruined temples, from Cyprus to olive groves, from sandy beaches to rocky cliff walls, from lively waterfront towns to lonely mountains, you are tracing the steps of those before you, rediscovering the same lands that ha