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    Planning a Greece Luxury Yacht Charter: Santorini or Mykonos?
    Planning a Greece Luxury Yacht Charter: Santorini or Mykonos?

    23 February 2015

    The playground of the 1960’s jetset which rose to fame thanks to Jackie O and Grace Kelly - Mykonos is seeing a new breed of A-list step ashore as it affirms its status one of the hottest destinations to visit on a Greece yacht charter. The destination of choice for a fine selection of A-list stars, including Cristiano Ronaldo last year, Mykonos has competition 150km away in its Cycladic sister S...

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    Burning of Judas Iscariot at sea Greek Islands
    Celebrating Easter in Greece

    4 April 2014

    Easter in Greece is the most important and widely celebrated holiday of the year and a great time to embark on an unforgettable luxury yacht charter.

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    East Mediterranean Destination Guide
    East Mediterranean Yacht Charter Guide

    The Eastern Mediterranean is the ultimate yachting retreat, bringing together beaches, history and picture-perfect islands in utter class and style. The sparkling turquoise waters and impeccable blue skies are synonymous with this region making it one of the finest yacht charter destinations in the world. With unmatched natural beauty this stunning location simply begs to be explored.

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    Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach)
    Greece Yacht Charter Guide

    Greece and predominantly the Greek Islands continue to attract many charter visitors every year. Greece offers an abundance of charter opportunities from the ancient cities of the mainland steeped in history and natural beauty to the myriad of islands which stretch towards the Turkish coastline. Whether you’re looking for a vacation saturated in the remnants of an alluring history or to island hop between the Saronic, Ionian or Cyclades islands, Greece is boundless in charter opportunities.

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    Cyclades Islands Destination Guide
    Cyclades Islands Yacht Charter Guide

    Famed for their glittering islands and sparkling azure waters, it is no wonder that the Cyclades are the most popular charter destination of the Greek Islands. Brimmed with sugar-hued buildings, blue-domed Byzantine churches and glorious golden beaches, it is difficult to resist the allure of the Cyclades.

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    Santorini Destination Guide
    Santorini Yacht Charter Guide

    Celebrated as one of the most exquisite locations in Mediterranean, the volcanic island of Santorini encompasses a spectacular collection of multi-coloured beaches and cliffs and idyllic hilltop towns.

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    Mykonos Destination Guide
    Mykonos Yacht Charter Guide

    The very mention of the captivating Greek island of Mykonos brings to mind hedonistic indulgences, sublime beaches and cosmopolitan atmosphere, all of which continue to make it one of the most exciting and popular islands in the Mediterranean.

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    Naxos Destination Guide
    Naxos Yacht Charter Guide

    The nuptial isle of Dionysos, God of wine and ecstasy, and a place where the beauty of its scenery is matched only by the charm of its traditional villages, Naxos invites visitors into a world of Greek culture and captivating Mediterranean atmosphere.

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    Paros Destination Guide
    Paros Yacht Charter Guide

    Resting at the heart of the Cyclades, Paros envelops an intoxicating fusion of stylish cafe culture and a bustling capital with spectacular scenery and beautifully preserved monuments. It manages to merge the best of the traditional, historically rich Greece with contemporary comforts and atmosphere.

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    Syros Destination Guide
    Syros Yacht Charter Guide

    Free from the package-holiday hotels and facilities that many Mediterranean islands have fallen victim to, Syros is endearing in it’s timeless Greek atmosphere. Contained in a fascinating history and famously beautiful architecture, if you visit Syros you’ll be welcomed in like an old friend by locals who are proud of their traditional slice of the Cyclades.

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    Folegandros Destination Guide
    Folegandros Yacht Charter Guide

    Secluded, rocky and with no airport, the pretty island of Folegandros in the southern Cyclades is a perfect escape for the superyacht traveller looking to enjoy the real Greece.

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