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What is a sport fishing yacht?

Similarly to the expedition yacht, a sport fishing yacht is designed to be self-sufficient in order to withstand long periods of time at sea. Sport fishers are performance orientated with amenities tailored towards the objective of big game fishing, however as many are indeed superyachts, they can look just at home in one of the stylish ports of the Côte d’Azur.

Packed full of equipment, technology and gadgets, some sport fishing yachts are built to explore untouched fishing grounds in remote corners of the world while others are designed with a shallow draft so they can close in on coast cruisers. All, however, are geared to land big fish in an exhilarating experience of true seamanship. Imagine cooking your catch of the day on the barbeque in cool evening breeze on deck before retiring to your luxurious accommodation.

Although on board many luxury yacht charter’s you may find basic fishing gear, a yacht dedicated to sportfishing will of course boast a much wider range of fishing equipment often to include fish fighting chairs for catching large ocean fish, live bait tanks and an array of tackle and fishing rods. As is the case with any luxury yacht charter, an experienced and knowledgeable crew is essential when planning. A keen fisherman should seek a crew who is familiar with a fishing charter and can offer their knowledge and expertise when it comes to well-known fishing spots and which bays and coves are the best to explore.

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