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Guide to Cabin Options

A comprehensive guide to yacht cabins - from layout to amenities


From deluxe master staterooms to twin berths, every luxury charter yacht will have a different cabin arrangement and it is up to you to decide which configuration best suits you and your guests.

When choosing your superyacht rental there are so many things to consider, and one of the most important is the type of cabin arrangements you'll need for you and your guests, based on your charter party number and their individual needs.

Whether you are looking for a large family-oriented vessel with adjoining cabins or one with an array of sumptuous private suites tailor-made for couples, there is sure to be the perfect yacht that caters to everyone.

Number of guests

Depending on how many guests there are in your charter party, you'll need to consider what cabins you'll need. Most superyachts cater for between 8-12 guests, with a minimum of 4-5 cabins.

Two couples relaxing onboard a yacht

Bed sizes

The majority of yacht cabins are doubles, that is they have a bed large enough for two people. These can range from a double to a superking mattress, but could equally be a fully-bespoke affair designed in conjunction with the yacht owner's artistic vision, or simply to fit the space available!

Twin cabins will predominantly have single mattresses and may include an additional single drop-down Pullman berth (see below).

Cabin layout

You'll also need to consider the configuration of the accommodation onboard, paying particular attention to any special requirements of your charter party, for instance couples with small children or guests with mobility needs.

All yachts available for charter will have with detailed floor plans showing the layout of the cabins. These can help you decide in which cabin to best place each guest or couple depending on its size and location on the yacht, which will vary depending on the unique design of the vessel.

Floor plans of MY Chess

On larger yachts, double and twin cabins will likely be located on the lower deck while the Master and VIP suites are usually situated on the main and upper decks.

Your yacht charter broker should have access to this information and can help you find the perfect yacht based on your charter party's accommodation needs.

Cabin, suite or stateroom?

These terms are often used interchangeably depending on who you are talking to, but in essence they all mean the same thing. The different types of accomodation are indicated instead by their prefixed description: Master, VIP, double or twin.

Master cabin on board charter yacht CLOUD 9
Master cabin
Master cabin onboard North Star
Twin cabin onboard MY Suerte

Those unfamiliar with chartering yachts may not have come across these terms before, so to make things a little clearer, we have detailed below the different types accomodation you will find onboard;

Master suite

All yachts will have a Master suite, also referred to as an Owner's suite or Master stateroom. This is usually the largest and most luxuriously-appointed cabin on board a yacht. The Master suite often comes equipped with varying levels of amenities and can include features such as a private study, his and her bathrooms and walk-in-wardrobes.

Master suite on board charter yacht KENSHO
Master cabin

This cabin is usually reserved for the principle charterer, and is often located in the most prime position on the yacht.

Owner's deck

Some superyacht master suites enjoy an entire level all to themselves, sometimes referred to as an 'Owner's deck'. Often playing host to a range of additional features, such as a private terrace, Jacuzzi and sumptuous lounging areas, this area can also prove an ideal arrangement for charterers keen on maintaining a certain level of privacy during their yacht vacation.

Full-beam cabin

This is a cabin that makes use of the full width of the yacht. Predominantly it is only master cabins which enjoy this status as there are no walkways which surround them if they are positioned at the fore of the yacht. As a result, these cabins are often designed to take advantage of stunning 180-degree views.

VIP suite

This is another type of cabin you will find on most luxury yachts, which may either be the same size or slightly smaller than the Master suite, but will often have more stand-out features than other guest cabins (with the exception of the Master suite).

VIP cabin onboard MY Serene

The VIP suite is sometimes located on the same deck as the Master suite; either adjacent or aft of this main cabin. If situated below with the other cabins, it will likely enjoy a prime spot in the yacht's interior.

Double cabins

The majority of cabins onboard a yacht will be made up of double cabins, including the Master and VIP suites, and are so-named for their capacity to accomodate couples, rather than the size of the mattress. 

Double cabin on board charter yacht KENSHO
Double cabin on board charter yacht TATIANA

Double cabins are ideal for yacht charter parties comprising several couples, or guests who prefer more generous accommodation. 

Twin cabins

These types of cabins can be a great option for those travelling with children or staff. Twin cabins can also provide a convenient alternative for single guests, or friends that are not in a couple.

Twin cabin onboard MY Axioma

Twin cabins usually consist of two single beds, however some yachts may have a double with a single or two bunk beds, or a variation thereof. 

Pullman berths

Twin cabins on superyachts often include an additional bunk, commonly referred to as a Pullman berth. This refers to a bed set into the bulkhead wall of the cabin, which can be pulled down at night for sleeping. Used to maximise space, Pullman berths are often found in twin cabins and add extra flexibility for yacht charters.

Pullman bunk onboard MY Calypso

Convertible cabins

A convertible cabin describes any superyacht accommodation which can be put to a different purpose when guests are not sleeping in it, such as an additional lounging space, massage therapy room or even gymnasium. 

More often than not though, this term is used to describe a cabin that can be configured as either a twin-bedded cabin or a double cabin as the beds are not fixed and can be pushed together or set apart, enabling greater versatility for yacht charters.

Interconnecting rooms

Some yachts have interconnected cabins, which can be a useful feature, especially for charter guests that arrive with nannies or their security detail.

Adjoining cabin onboard MY Barbara
VIP cabin

This can also be an ideal arrangement for guests travelling with young children.

En suites

Unless it is a classic yacht, all yacht cabins will be furnished with en suites equipped with varying levels of luxury; from a simple shower cubicle and sink to an opulent Italian-marbled affair with a large ornate tub, walk-in-shower and 'his and her' vanity units.

Large ensuite onboard MY Lana

Special Needs

There are a number of luxury charter yachts that cater for special mobility needs, with thoughtful design details included in their cabins, such as plenty of room to manoeuvre between the furniture, convenient location on the same level as the yacht's major social hubs and specially adapted ensuites with handrails and wide flat-access shower cubicles.

You should be sure to mention if you or a member of your charter party has any special needs to your yacht charter broker, who will be able to find the perfect yacht to ensure a memorable yacht vacation for all. 

Need more advice?

Please read our advice guides for more information on chartering a luxury yacht, covering everything from the charter agreement to what to pack for your yacht charter vacation.

For more advice on booking a yacht rental, please speak with your preferred yacht charter broker.

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