ARRIVE IN STYLE: Why Choose A Charter Yacht With A Limo Tender



Allowing you and your guests to arrive in style, the limousine tender is unquestionably the finest way of getting to and from a superyacht.

When it comes to boarding and disembarking from a superyacht, it doesn’t get better than doing so via a tender which reflects its quality and style. Providing exceptional comfort as well as protection from the water, a limo tender ensures that you and your guests will remain looking your very best when making your way to and from shore.

The perfect way to show up to a ball or any similarly glamorous event taking place on the mainland, the tender ultimately enlarges your possibilities when experiencing a private yacht charter.

Often designed to reflect the image of their mothership, limo tenders are the preserve of larger charter yachts which possess the space necessary for storing them.

Fast becoming a desirable addition to larger superyachts, the limousine tender has its roots in the traditional Venetian water taxi- a stylish and enclosed watercraft used to navigate the famous Italian canals.

Adapting its general principles and adding some luxury embellishments, the limousine tender ultimately provides the most most stylish way of arriving at any given destination.

In this piece we take a look at the key benefits of using a limousine tender when away on your luxury charter vacation.

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unrivalled on board Comfort

Unlike more traditional RIB tenders, the limousine tender has been designed to reflect the level of comfort found on a superyacht.

Though styling of course varies considerably across the various limousine tenders out there, one constant is assuredly the use of generously proportioned seating for you and your party to enjoy whilst underway.

What’s more, with modern technology being finely incorporated into such tenders, you'll often be able to enjoy the same kind of entertainment you find on board a superyacht- the latest audio equipment and air conditioning systems are regularly fitted, for instance.

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Style and substance

Just as diverse as the superyachts they belong to, the style of the limousine tender ranges from classically inspired to miniature versions of motherships.

What this means, of course, is that arriving at your destination on a limousine tender is to arrive in style.

Whilst typically enclosed on all sides, certain limousine tenders are graced with a platform on the stern, as well as retractable ceilings to allow you and yours guests the opportunity to take in your surroundings when getting closer to land.

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Charter family board the limo tender belonging to sailing yacht VERTIGO

Total Enjoyment

Although it is not as common, there are sailing yachts available for charter which come with their own bespoke limo tender.

The limousine tender belonging to the 67m/220ft sailing yacht VERTIGO, for example, is undoubtedly one of the most refined of its kind and perfectly mirrors the high performance of its mothership.

Styled in a manner not hugely dissimilar to sporty motor yachts, the enclosed tender provides an exceptional means of boarding and departing from the multi-award winning vessel.

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The inside of a luxury limousine tender

Protection from the elements

Whether you’re heading to a restaurant on the mainland or attending a glamorous ceremony as part of an event charter, the limousine tender ensures you’ll stay looking your best.

Providing protection from underway winds as well as salty air, the enclosed design of the use of a limo tender means there’s no risk of looking at all sea worn when reaching your destination.

Such protection was ultimately the motivation behind the limousine tender for the 63m/207ft motor yacht 11-11. Recognising that female guests would spend hours on their hair and makeup, only to become disheveled when travelling on a RIB tender, the owner decided to create a mini 11-11 to avoid undoing such preparation.

A charter guest surveys a harbor from the comfort of a limousine tender

even more Possibilities

Expanding charterers options still further, the limousine tender is able to provide comfortable and stylish access to ports which are unable to accommodate superyachts quayside.

In this way, it’s possible to sit at-anchor a distance from the port safe in the knowledge that reaching your desired destination isn’t going to present any unnecessary complications.

Thanks to its spacious design and ability to accommodate larger parties, getting to and from such ports can also be done as a group, and with an impressive speediness.

Embodying the glamour and luxury of a private yacht charter, the limousine tender heightens the experience of vacationing on the water

A limousine tender underway to its destination
Charter guests approaching their destination via a limousine tenderCharterers gather inside a limousine tender

superior Convenience

Another significant advantage of using a limousine tender when chartering a superyacht has to do with getting everyone to the same place at the same time.

Indeed, rather than making a number of back and forth trips to collect a small number of charterers, the limousine tender allows your entire party to travel as one.

Due to being designed for just such a purpose, no one on board the tender will sacrifice an inch of comfort when making trips between the superyacht and the mainland.

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In order to find out more regarding the luxury yachts which offer the use of a limo tender, feel free to get in touch with your preferred charter broker.

Additional images courtesy of Hodgdon Yachts and Xtenders.

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