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A Rumble in the Jungle: The Story Of Charter Yacht ‘Dunia Baru’



Beginning life on a river bank, deep in a remote Indonesian jungle, and taking a total of almost eight years and 800 cubic metres of wood to construct, the story behind the 51m/167ft luxury yacht Dunia Baru is just as fascinating as the end product.

Keen to build a yacht which would not only be the best to come from Indonesia, but would also be numbers one two and three, the owner of Dunia Baru set out with only the most ambitious of visions in mind.

An experienced yachtsman familiar with these waters, he was motivated not only by excellence, but also a sensitivity to Indonesia’s charter grounds. Wanting something appropriate, he turned to the vessels which have historically populated the enchanting region.

Settling on the phinisi- a traditional wooden sailing ship which has its origins with the nearby Konjo tribe- the owner set to work on designing a locally inspired superyacht which would also offer the very best in luxury living.

Enlisting the services of Kasten Marine Designs to help bring his dream to life, the owner worked in close partnership with the American architects who are highly reputed for their ability to fuse classic aesthetics with modern capabilities from concept through to launch.

With the plans drawn up, it was time to enter what would prove to be a lengthy and endlessly fascinating build phase.

A Konjo boat builder works on the hull of luxury phinsi Dunia Baru
Local konjo boat builders carry out work on luxury phinisi Dunia Baru

Rarely do charter yachts have a history as rich and as interesting as that of Dunia Baru

The build of Dunia Baru was put in the expert hands of the Konjo Boat Builders, a group of traditional Indonesian shipwrights who have been crafting boats by hand for centuries. Originally from Ara, these master shipwrights have had to become transient boat builders - moving from place to place following the wood's availability.

Dunia Baru began life on a river bank on the edge of the Sulawesi jungle in Kalimantan in Indonesian Borneo where the world's finest old growth Ulin trees can be found in abundance for the hull to be constructed. Keen to keep abreast of the build, the owner regularly carried out the two hour speedboat journey necessary for checking in on the build.

Charter yacht Dunia Baru during her construction phase

Sourcing teak and ironwood from the jungle, the hull took around three years to complete by hand, with the intricate sawn frame requiring extensive expertise to meet the exacting standard of the owner.

With the superstructure taking shape amidst these lush surroundings, it’s obvious from even the earliest images that the build is incredibly well-aligned with the iconic boat building traditions of Indonesia.

Indeed, everything from her transom up to her bow is reminiscent of the phinisis traditionally used for inter-insular transportation and trade in the region.

Ultimately, the carpenters and builders graced the yacht with sleek, bark-colored lines which have made the exterior of Dunia Baru amongst the most distinctive, not only in Indonesia, but the world over.

The completed hull of luxury phinisi Dunia Baru
The construction of the interior of luxury phinisi Dunia Baru
A master carpenter constructs a door for luxury phinisi Dunia Baru

A story of industriousness and a meticulous eye for detail, the construction of charter yacht Dunia Baru is unlike any other

After assembling an international team to handle her rigging, marine systems, and interior, the build was eventually relocated to Bali for a further five years.

During this time, the owner gathered an abundance of interior stylings inspired by Indonesian culture as well as the kinds of flourishes found in premier luxury resorts across the world.

Specifically, the staterooms were provided with vibrant pieces of artwork whilst the corridors were furnished with engaging pieces of oriental sculpture.

Consistent with the painstaking construction of the hull, all of the window latches, carved cupboard doors and hinges were carefully handcrafted to ensure a wholly harmonious aesthetic.

A handcrafted door hinge on board luxury yacht Dunia Baru
A handwoven cupboard door on luxury yacht Dunia Baru
A carefully crafted wooden window hinge on luxury phinisi Dunia Baru

Outfitted with sails made in Thailand, rigging from the United Kingdom, and with the engine meeting the standards of the American Boat and Yacht Council, Dunia Baru was finally ready to sail.

Taking the name of the yacht from the Indonesian phrase for ‘New World’, the owner's intention was that this ground-breaking yacht be means to explore and discover hidden paradises and new realms with his family.

The nameplate on the stern reads ‘Dunia Baru Adventures’ and adventure is exactly what charterers can expect once they're on board.

Now manned by a captain, cruise director, and crew all possessing an intimate local knowledge, charterers can be confident they’ll enjoy an authentic experience whilst island-hopping on board Dunia Baru.

What’s more, three of the shipwrights responsible for the vessel’s construction are currently employed as deckhands to maintain the yacht’s immaculate condition and provide guests with further information regarding the infinitely intriguing build process.

See the finished product

Gaining a considerable insight into the kinds of charter vacations Dunia Baru offers, the team at YachtCharterFleet spent five days discovering the endlessly fascinating waters of Komodo.

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Learning more about the rare artwork, unique features, and infinitely knowledgeable crew which define the remarkable phinisi, the time on board demonstrated exactly why she’s one of the best superyachts available for charter in South East Asia.

Unquestionably one of the most well-suited luxury yachts open in Indonesia, M/Y Dunia Baru is expected to be available in Komodo, Raja Ampat, Thailand, and Myanmar throughout the summer and winter seasons. For details regarding her availability, please get in touch with your preferred charter broker.

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