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7 Day Whitsundays Charter Itinerary - Hamilton Island to Hamilton Island

7 Days Discovering The Whitsunday Islands On A Luxury Yacht Charter

Ideal for Summer Season

The Whitsunday Islands are the pinnacle of beauty around the Australian coast and offer some stunning sights that will leave you wanting to come back year after year. Ideal for both underwater and sea level exploration, these islands promote nature at its best as well as hosting some of the most prestigious beaches in the area.

  • Day 1

    Hamilton Island

    Take the first day of your luxury charter yacht tour to familiarise yourself with your home for the next week. Your crew are set and ready to show you the best sites of the Whitsunday Islands so all you need to do is relax and go where the wind takes you.

    On arrival at Hamilton Island you will have some time to explore some of Hamilton Island, but don't worry if you're pressed for time as you'll have a longer stretch of time on your return journey.

    Cruising to your first port of call, Hook Island, there's ample time to catch some Australian rays while taking in the staggering scenery of lush greenery and long stretches of white, sandy beaches. After anchoring down at Hook Island, you will be invited ashore to explore at your leisure. A great way to start your time on the island is to visit the highly sought after luxury spa, closely followed by Michelin style cuisine on board your yacht.

  • Day 2

    Hook Island

    On your first full day on Hook Island you have plenty to keep you occupied throughout the day, starting off with a visit to some caves. A vital part of the island's history, these 8,000 year old caves once homed the Aborigines.

    Climb inside the caves to get a good look at how the original habitants lived before electricity and yachting, then return to your charter for a spot of brunch before raising the anchor and moving around the coast to Stonehaven.

    Sheltered by towering cliffs, Stonehaven bay is quiet and secluded, giving you plenty of time to enjoy this pretty destination. Once you've arrived at Stonehaven it's time to hit the water. Whether you fancy an hour or two on the jet skis or a spot of snorkelling the time is yours to use as you please. The waters around Stonehaven bay are filled with marine life so a snorkelling session is always on the cards, even for beginners. Meet the friendly inhabitants face to face before climbing back on board your luxury charter yacht in time to watch one of the most breathtaking sunsets you will ever see in this area of the world.

    After the sun has gone down, your evening doesn't end as your crew can prepare you a true Australian feast in the form of a barbeque.

  • Day 3

    Hook Island

    Waking up in the same delightful surroundings as the day before, your second full day on Hook Island is set to be a magical one, getting up close and personal with nature. Your first stop is Butterfly Bay on the northern coast of the island.

    Aptly named for the abundance of these dainty and beautiful creatures, you can have the butterflies eating out of your hand, quite literally. Spread a small amount of honey on to your fingertips and watch the multicoloured natives flock to you for some incredible once in a lifetime photographs.

    After meeting all the local butterflies, your next house call is under the waves. Adorning your snorkelling equipment you can explore the sublime turquoise waters of Hook Island by meeting some more of the local marine life. Teeming with brightly coloured fish, these waters are not only cooling after a morning in the warm sun, but outstandingly beautiful to be in. Watching the world go by could not be any more enjoyable than doing so underneath the clear waters of Hook Island.

    In the evening, you can spend some alone time on the deserted beaches to watch some spectacular stargazing sights. With no light pollution in the area, the sky is as clear as the surrounding waters, giving you a mesmeric view of the stars above.

  • Day 4

    Border Island

    On the interchange between Hook and Whitsunday Island you have one last stop to make on the Hook Island coast. For a dive site absolutely not to be missed, The Pinnacles is dubbed one of the best dive sites in the Whitsunday area.

    Although nothing could compare to the sheer size and fame of the Great Barrier Reef, this dive location certainly gives it a run for it's money. The terrain of The Pinnacles is covered with impressive coral formations with diving depths only reaching around 15 metres.  Ideal for all levels of diving experience, this dive site is a great introduction to coral reef diving.   

    Sandwiched between Hook and Whitsunday Island you will find the pretty escape destination of Border Island. Though small, this island rivals diving opportunities to the Great Barrier Reef. Being more out of the way means it will be quieter here than in other areas so make the most of the peaceful environment for the afternoon.

    Take the plunge into the cooling waters to see the corals and local marine life before adventuring on land to spend some quality time on the pristine white sandy beaches. Almost completely empty, it won't be hard to find your own space of tranquillity. Surrounded by eucalyptus and lush foliage, the setting is ideal for some pure relaxation and vital tanning time. Enjoy a delicious meal on board your luxury charter yacht before moving on in the morning to Whitsunday Island.

  • Day 5

    Whitsunday Island

    On route to Whitsunday Island there are some great conditions for breaking out the water sports equipment. Race the charter on a jet ski or have a go at windsailing to make your journey between islands more action packed.

    On arrival you'll be eager to put the toys away as there are some natural enticements you'll want to see immediately.

    Anchoring down in Cid Harbour, take a break from the water and venture ashore to see some amazing wildlife. Stranded on the island around 10,000 years ago the rock wallabies bounce around the area, making for some great holiday films. Cute and cuddly as they look, remember that these are wild creatures so always approach with caution. Take some snapshots of the wallabies and explore the nearby nature walks before enjoying an Australian barbeque on the beach.

    In the afternoon it's time to return to the waters as you go in search for another remarkable species of wildlife in the area. Often found scouring the seabed for food, dugongs here can live up to 70 years and are often inquisitive of divers. Plus if that wasn't enough, there is also a good chance that you may be able to see some sea turtles in their natural habitat.

  • Day 6

    Whitsunday Island

    An exciting day lays in wait for you on your penultimate day in the Whitsunday Islands. Start off the day by cruising around to Whitehaven Beach where you can enjoy a 7 km stretch of deserted white sand.

    If there was any beach in the Whitsundays you had to visit, this would be it. The luxurious white sand is inviting and offers some stunning space to indulge in peace, relaxation and of course the warmth of the Australian sun.

    Once you've had enough of catching rays, hop back on the luxury charter yacht to make your way back to Hamilton Island. From here you will have the incredible opportunity to take a dive in the world famed Great Barrier Reef. Although you have already seen some fantastic dive sites on your Australian tour, none of them can match the extensive reef waiting for you here.

    The World Heritage listed site is the largest coral reef system in the world, making it an incredible opportunity if you get the chance to explore it. Being protected means you can't remove anything from the reef but you can take as many underwater photographs as you like. While diving the Great Barrier Reef you have the chance to see a vast number of endangered and native marine life including humpback whales, porpoises, sea turtles, dolphins, clownfish, snapper and sea snakes.

    If there's enough time, take more than one dive to explore different areas of the reef to see an even vaster amount of species of marine life and corals. As the most popular dive in Australia you can expect a large number of divers but you can still find space to explore without being disturbed by other tourists. After your busy day venture ashore for a high quality meal at a restaurant or have an early night under the stars on your luxury charter yacht.

  • Day 7

    Hamilton Island

    For your last day, before you begin your return journey home, make the most of the local facilities by having a round of golf on the championship golf course.

    Tackle all 18 holes, or opt for a mini game of golf, before indulging in some last minute shopping for souvenirs and a swim in one of the pools available at the local resort. 

    As an extra activity, if you time your visit right, you may also have the chance to watch some of the racing in the highly anticipated annual Audi Hamilton Island Race Week. Settle down on the decking of your charter yacht or find a vantage point on the island to enjoy some of the race before being escorted back to the mainland to begin planning your next holiday on a luxury charter yacht.

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