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8 Day Virgin Islands Charter Itinerary - St Thomas to St Thomas

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Found off the coast of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands are an intriguing gem of the Caribbean. With islands being watched over by the British, Americans and Spanish, there is a great amount of cultural interest here as well as the phenomenal levels of natural beauty. Many islands are uninhabited and where there is life, there is still a large domineering principle of history and living off the earth. Your week long luxury charter yacht tour of the Virgin Islands begins and finishes at St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. This tour is all about the best sights of these pretty islands so sit back, relax and let your crew take you to some incredible destinations.

  • Day 1

    St Thomas

    Easily the most popular island in the US Virgin Islands, St Thomas has absolutely everything you could possibly want to get your luxury charter yacht experience off to a smooth start.


    You will meet up with your chosen luxury vessel at the fully equipped Crown Bay Marina. This is perhaps the most ideal place to start any tour of the Virgin Islands with high quality amenities and stunning views from the off. Take a tour of your vessel and settle in over a glass of champagne as your dedicated crew raise the anchor and charter the short distance to a quieter area of St Thomas.

    Magen’s Bay is a more peaceful retreat on the northern shore of St Thomas where you can truly appreciate the beauty of the island. Relax on the beach for a while or get straight onto the jet skis for an afternoon of adrenaline pumping fun. The conditions here are perfect for pretty much any watersport you feel like indulging in.

    After wearing yourself out enjoy the first night on board you luxury charter yacht with a fine wining and dining evening under the stars.

  • Day 2

    St John

    At the other end of the scale to St Thomas, your first port of call of your tour is the little island of St John.

    As the smallest in the group of US Virgin Islands, St John has a surprising amount of things to do in comparison to it’s size. Being within the borders of a national park, the natural landscape of the island is unspoilt and utterly beautiful. Enjoy the ambience of the island by taking a walk through some of the clearly marked trails while keeping your eyes open for some of the native wldlife.

    Speaking of wildlife, today may also mark your first time diving or snorkelling in the Virgin Islands. Just off the coast at Francis Bay there is an interesting wreck dive of a sunken plane. Still largely recognisable, there is still a bulk to the plane and it is now inhabited by many fish and small marine critters. This is an ideal dive for all levels of diving experience.

    Before the day is through there is still more to see on the land as you take a glimpse into the past of St John. Strolling through the foliage and nature trails there are some ruins of old sugar plantations which were previously owned by the Danish.

  • Day 3

    Norman Island

    On day three of your luxury charter yacht tour you charter across to the British Virgin Islands.

    Norman Island is a popular location in this collection of islands and is famed for being the inspiration behind the classic novel Teasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. The pirate theme remains an attraction of this island with the legendary floating bar. Converted from a ship and moored in the bay, Willy T’s is a bar and restaurant with a huge novelty factor that can’t be missed.

    After a floating lunch it’s time to rejoin the waters as your crew get you as close as possible to the dive site known as The Caves. The name is exactly what you can expect to see, a group of caves. These three caves located at Treasure Point are immensely popular for diving enthusiasts and you can expect to see large numbers of marine specimens. Visit all three caves if you have time then dry off on the warm sandy beach before happy hour at Willy T’s.

  • Day 4

    Peter Island

    More snorkelling opportunities await you at the busy island of Peter.

    Anchorages at Peter Island are very much a pot luck scenario as many charters like to stop off here. Get down to Great Harbour as early as you can to enjoy the waves before too many other charters arrive. Take you time on a paddle boat or fly around the bay on a jet ski before once again visiting the underwater scene. Your diving time at Peter Island shouldn’t be rushed as you need to keep your eyes peeled. If you are very lucky you may be able to see some green sea turtles here, get your underwater camera ready.

    If it get’s too busy at Great Harbour, cruise around to Deadman’s Bay to enjoy some beach time. This bay gets it’s name from the time some drowned pirates were found on the shore. Till this day the pirate theme has stayed, very much like at Norman Island. Deadman’s Bay has a similarly named restaurant which serves delicious food including sticky ribs and freshly caught seafood dishes.

  • Day 5

    Virgin Gorda

    Drifting away from the pirate theme, Virgin Gorda once again shows you just how good mother nature is.

    A main attraction to virgin Gorda lies on the southern coast of the island. Large boulders form interesting rock formations which in turn create rockpools known as The Baths. Explore several of them to see any tiny critters hiding in them or venture into a rockpool yourself for an unusual spot for a glass of bubbles.

    After getting more than a taste of the salty water, your crew will next escort you to the North Sound of Virgin Gorda and the Bitter End Yacht Club. Climb ashore to mingle with other luxury charter yacht enthusiasts and use the quality amenities for a temporary change of scenery.

    The beaches on Virgin Gorda are particularly beautiful so make the most of some tanning time before heading to the Saba Rock Resort for a high quality dinner to finish the day.

  • Day 6

    Marina Cay

    The tiny island of Marina Cay is your main feature of your penultimate full day in the Virgin Islands.

    Situated just off the coast of Scrub Island, Marina Cay is a picture postcard setting which doesn’t even have a taste of mainstream tourists. Away from the hustle and bustle you can enjoy the peace of this island and spend the day at your leisure.

    Something worth doing while spending time at Marina Cay is to investigate the beautiful reef off to the west. Great Camanoe is a beautiful underwater reef featuring many vibrantly coloured corals as well as equally attractive inhabitants. You can expect to see flourishing communities of fish here so don’t forget your underwater camera.

    To top off your day at Marina Cay have supper at Pusser’s Landing for a meal with an outstanding view.

  • Day 7

    Jost Van Dyke

    On your last day, the time is yours to do as you wish but maybe a quick stop at Sandy Cay may be in order.

    Sandy Cay is a quiet and out of the way destination which boasts deserted beaches and an unhurried ambience. Feel like crashing the atmosphere? Get the water sports equipment out and make the most of the empty stretch of water.

    Continuing on to Jost Van Dyke there’s another chance to enjoy a natural spa treatment. If you enjoyed The Baths at Virgin Gorda you will also like the Bubbly Pool at Jost Van Dyke. Naturally filled with bubbly seawater this whirpool bath effect rock pool is refreshing and a hgreat spot for some photographs.

    Jost Van Dyke isn’t as quiet as some of the other Virgin Islands but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Dotted along the picturesque beaches you will find an array of bars and restaurants serving up freshly caught and prepared seafood dishes as well as some of you favourites. While visiting these local bars it’s only right that you try some locally produced rum in brightly coloured cocktails.

  • Day 8

    St Thomas

    Cruising to St Thomas from Jost Van Dyke you have a little time to enjoy the last few moments on board you chosen luxury charter yacht. Have a fulfilling breakfast and a last massage treatment before disembarking at St Thomas.  

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