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7 Day Turkey Charter Itinerary - Marmaris to Marmaris

Discover Turkey

Ideal for Summer Season

Turkey is a stunning country visit, whether it is your first or fifth time visiting. Exploring stunning backdrops of natural beauty mixed in with historical significance and tourist havens, there is something for everyone when touring on a luxury charter yacht. Starting off in Marmaris there are many highlights on this itinerary including endangered species of sea turtle, beautiful national parks and Lycian tombs embedded in cliff faces.

  • Day 1


    Nestled between stunning elevations of foliage covered mountains, Marmaris is an idyllic setting for the beginning of an incredible journey through Turkey. As one of the more popular destinations of the Turkish coast, Marmaris has everything you need to ensure that your week long trip on a luxury charter yacht has the best possible start.

    Meeting up with your crew, settle your belongings in to your cabin then return to the shore to see some of Marmaris before raising anchor. One of the best sights to see while in this tourism driven location is Marmaris Castle. Being one of the only castles in Turkey which also houses a museum, you can learn a lot from this medieval looking castle in just one trip. Estimated to be around 5000 years old, from the first piece of construction work, this castle is a beautiful sight to start your cultural learning journey of the Turkish way of life.

    Another stop to make before heading back to the marina are the stores. Being tourist orientated, you will find a good number of familiar brands in the area so you can indulge yourself with some great new purchases. Take them back to your chosen vessel and enjoy your first supper on your the decking with a private view of the Turkish sunset.

  • Day 2


    Your first port of call after leaving Marmaris is Dalyan. Surrounded by highly fertile land, the lush green setting of Dalyan shows you just how impressive mother nature can be. The Dalyan river offers some stunning sights of Dalyan and also provides access to some amazing historical monuments.

    Gazing up above the riverbanks of the river Dalyan, you can see the first historical site of the location, the Lycian tombs. Many of the tombs are unreachable, due to the nature of where they are located, but just seeing them is staggering enough. Looking very much like temples embedded in the cliffs these historical monuments will leave you gaping in awe.

    More history worth seeing in a close proximity to the village of Dalyan are the ruins of Kaunos. Once an ancient trading city, Kaunos leaves a few remnants of the past for visitors including the remains of an outdoor theatre. Not much is left fully intact but there is enough to be able to make out the shape of the theatre and there are ample indications as to the structure and size of the monument.

    One last visit before returning to your luxury charter yacht for dinner is to the beach. Perfect for catching some sunrays and relaxing, the beaches at Dalyan have another reason why they are a major tourist hotspot. The beaches of Dalyan are in fact breeding grounds for the endangered Loggerhead sea turtle. You may be lucky enough to see some of the turtles but keep in mind that the nesting sites are well guarded and you are not allowed within a certain distance of them.

  • Day 3


    Day 3 of your luxury charter yacht tour of Turkey takes you to the busy marina of Gocek. Extremely popular for cruise liners and luxury yachts, this beautiful bay is very busy and provides high quality facilities and amenities.

    A day spent in Gocek will introduce you to some incredible local cuisine, which you can enjoy at one of the many restaurants along the promenade, and the warm hospitality provided by those who live in the area. To make the most of your trip to Gocek take a stroll through the streets to visit some of the small family run businesses and buy some of the locally grown pomegranates as a healthy extra for your evening meal. 

    The waters in the bay around Gocek are particularly good for snorkelling, so now is a great chance to take your first trip out in the water. Watch the beautiful marine life underneath you as you cool off from the warm Mediterranean heat. If you prefer a quieter and more laidback atmosphere, there are some small islands a few miles off the coast which boast lovely sandy beaches and a more peaceful ambience.

  • Day 4


    The popular holiday town of Fethiye gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to the modern holiday environment and an enviable glimpse into the past.

    Anchoring down in the harbour you are immediately absorbed into the exciting Turkish holiday experience. Restaurants and bars decorate the promenade offering traditional cuisine and freshly prepared delicacies which will leave you wanting more. Heading further into the town there are plenty of stores and shopping experiences waiting for you, including street markets and some of your favourite global brands.

    Adventuring further into Fethiye you arrive at the old quarter which takes you back in time to pre earthquake streets, which survived the substantial  damage that resulted in the rebuild of the modern sector of the town. The enchanting cobbled streets give a completely different atmosphere as you visit the white washed mosques and friendly family run businesses at each bend in the street. Indulge in a quiet drink or two before heading back towards your luxury charter yacht to prepare for dinner.

    Your evening festivities in Fethiye can take many turns depending on your personal preference but one of the favourites is to dine in the fish market. Locally caught and cooked, there are various dishes you can try to excite your taste buds and then follow up with some colourful cocktails at one of the welcoming cocktail bars along the seafront. For a quieter evening, adjourn to your yacht for a spa treatment and a quiet dinner watching the stars.  

  • Day 5

    Gemiler Island

    A quiet day of relaxation, exploring and you time await you on day 5 of your luxury charter yacht tour. The quiet location of Gemiler Island, situated just off the coast from Fethiye, offers sublime views of lush green forestry and an ambience that you will wish you could take everywhere with you.

    On arrival you can make the most of the cooler morning temperature by relaxing on the nearly isolated beaches. Soak up the sun or spend some time beachcombing before taking some time to snorkel around the bays and investigate some small coves along the shore.

    After a light, refreshing lunch Gemiler Island has more for you to look forward to as you explore the nature trails to see some historical points of interest. Religious ruins dating back to the 4th and 6th century AD are dotted around the island offering a range of impressive views and glimpses into the Turkish past. The ruins of the churches are in a range of different states of decay but they all provide a satisfactory visit which also provide great areas for picnics and holiday photo sessions.

    To finish off the day you can return to your luxury charter yacht to see some of the larger coves around the coast and spend the night inside one, with a candlelit evening meal.

  • Day 6


    Cruising back to the southwest coast of the Turkish mainland, Sarigerme has a laid back vibe which will be a welcome treat for your final full day with your luxury charter yacht. Being only a small village there are few amenities here but the stunning national park location more than makes up for it.

    The luscious 7 km stretch of sandy beach is a great viewpoint to watch kite boarding take place on the waves, but keep in mind that since the beach is within the protective boundaries of the national park, there is a small fee in order to use the beach and its provided facilities. However, there is nothing to stop you from breaking out your water toys from your chosen vessel.

    Once you've had enough of playing with the jet skis and other water sports equipment there are some worthy sites on the land to pay attention to. One of which are some Roman ruins located just next door to the beach. The location of Sarigerme used to be an ancient city known as Pisilis. Much of the original city is now buried beneath the sandy beach but there are still some remains of the city walls which give some indication to the architectural nature of the Roman settlement.

    Not really a site but something unusual to see is the Sarigerme Kite Festival. Taking place every year between April and May, the festival brings crowds of people to the small village and puts on an impressive display of vibrant colour to the skies. Join the locals on the beach or have a luxurious picnic on board your luxury charter yacht over something bubbly while watching the sky come to life with hundreds of kites.    

  • Day 7


    After a magical trip around the Turkish coast, you return to where you started a whole week ago. If you're ready for another shopping trip before returning home, make the most of the great selection of stores you visited the first time round and pick up some unique souvenirs to take home for your friends and family.

    If you still have energy to burn, the waters around Marmaris offer ideal opportunities to try out some water sports. Take the jet skis for a spin before disembarking your luxury charter yacht or try some canoeing and rafting. Or if you prefer an experience which is altogether much calmer and more memorable than a water sports session, visit the Marmaris Dolphinarium to get up close to some of these incredible marine favourites.  

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