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7 Day Turkey Charter Itinerary - Gocek to Gocek

Historic Turkey

Ideal for Summer Season

Turkey is a country steeped in history which spans over many centuries. Still an influential factor of Turkish life today, the history behind the nation provides many interesting hotspots, ideal for a luxury charter yacht tour. Starting off in Gocek, this week long itinerary will show you some of the best historical highlights both above and below the water's surface. So stock up on your sun screen and get ready to delve into the past in historic Turkey.

  • Day 1


    Day 1 of your luxury charter yacht tour of Turkey plunges you straight into pure relaxation. After meeting up with your chosen vessel and assigned crew for the week the afternoon is yours to visit one or two bays in the Gocek Gulf. If you want to explore the ancient highlights of Gocek, previously known as Telmessos, there is plenty of time on your return journey to make the most of the sights.

    Cruising out into the gulf the bays around Fethiye await you with long stretches of sand and lush green backdrops. Spend some time relaxing on the sand or indulging in some water sports on the open waters. The conditions here are ideal for jet skis, snorkelling and swimming.

    Your first evening on your luxury charter yacht tour of Turkey can be spent on board with a freshly prepared meal or in one of the popular eateries in Gocek's harbour.

  • Day 2

    Gemiler Island

    Gemiler Island is an idyllic place to start when exploring historical Turkey. With a wide spread of archaeological sites across the island you are spoilt for choice on where to start your exciting adventure in to Turkey's religious past.

    Many of the historical sites worth visiting on the island date back to the 4th and 6th century, which includes a 350 metre stretch of processional walkway. Largely from Christian origins, ruins of churches and tombs can be visited across the island, making for an interesting insight into Turkey's strong religious background. Perhaps the most intriguing fact of the religious sites is that it is believed that Gemiler Island was the original location of the tomb of Saint Nicholas. For more historical charm, a diving trip is in order to see some ruins close to the shore.

    After seeing all the historical sites, or as many as you can see within the day, an enchanting evening awaits you as you return to your chosen luxury charter yacht to indulge in fresh cuisine, candlelight and a spectacular display of stars above your head.

  • Day 3


    Arrive early at Kalkan on day 3 of your tour to make the most of the land tours available here. Kalkan itself is a quaint and pretty fishing village, seaside town, type of settlement which has all the charm you'd expect to find in a small location. With small family run businesses and restaurants lining the narrow streets there is an undeniable attraction about Kalkan which will make this a highlight of your tour.

    After enjoying the luscious beaches and delightful cuisine of the local eateries it's time to start exploring the area as you visit the ancient Lycian cities. With 3 main locations to visit you may not have time to see all 3 but the most popular destination is the ancient city of Xanthos.

    Sat in a high up location outside of Kalkan, the stunning views are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what's on offer at this historic location. If you haven't eaten yet, a picnic will definitely be a desirable option in order to enjoy the destination properly. Strolling around the capital of the Lycian Federation, there are some impressive ruins to see including an amphitheatre, some churches with mosaic floors and a unique tomb in the shape of a pillar. An extra note about the ancient city of Xanthos is that it is UNESCO listed.

    To finish off your day at Kalkan try some of the locally produced beverages at one of the local bars before retiring to your luxury charter yacht for the remainder of the evening.

  • Day 4


    Your historical sight seeing tour continues as you move on to your next port of call at Kekova. Perfect for visiting one of Turkey's most popular historical attractions, the sunken city, this is a popular destination for luxury charter yachts and small tourist groups from other islands.

    Start off the day by eating a fulfilling breakfast to set you up for a long day of exploring before climbing ashore to see some of the ancient sites on the island. The ancient location of Simena, now known as Kalekoy, is an interesting trip and offers some great views of the surrounding area. With a fortress adorning the settlement there is an ideal backdrop for some unique and memorable holiday photos.

    On the northern coast of Kekova is the site that will make your trip one to truly remember. The partially submerged city of Dolchiste is an incredible sight which continually attracts visitors throughout the year. Initially destroyed in the 2nd century by an earthquake, the settlement was rebuilt and then abandoned due to Arab incursions. The water around the sunken city is crystal clear so you can see the buildings without actually having to get into the water, ideal if you have non swimmers on board.

    A last stop off before adjourning to your luxury charter yacht for the night is to make a quick visit to one or two of the Lycian style tombs on the island. A small but interesting historical site that will top off an amazing day of insight and destruction.

  • Day 5


    Moving on from the exciting destination of Kekova, Kas offers a much more laid back vibe and offers you a day of relaxation.

    The picturesque white washed buildings demonstrate a picture postcard setting, ideal for recovering after the long day of exploring in Kekova. Small businesses welcome you with open arms as you try the local produce and cuisine, before you are torn away to see the Lycian influence of the area, the rock tombs.

    Despite their slightly morbid reason for existence, the rock tombs show some stunning architectural skill and highlight some impeccable details in the masonry. Such details can be seen in the stone statues of lions from the tombs dating back to the 4th century. Another worthwhile trip to make is a walk along the marked trail of the Lycian Way. This clearly marked walk shows off some spectacular views and takes you past some of the Lycian rock tombs.

  • Day 6


    After all the exploration of Turkey's adventurous past your penultimate day in Turkey allows you to enjoy some you time by succumbing to one of the most photographed beaches in the Mediterranean. The beach itself is covered in pebbles but there is a luscious sandy bay which is accessible by tender.

    After relaxing on the beach or on your decking for the morning test your adrenaline levels by trying out a sport which is extremely popular in this area. Paragliding is not for the faint hearted but it is one activity that is not to be missed when visiting Oludeniz. The incredible panoramic scenery is even more stunning with a bird's eye view so even if you're strapped to an instructor this is an event you won't want to miss out on.

    Another activity to top off your special day in Oludeniz is a spot of scuba diving. The pristine, clear waters around the coast shine brilliant shades of turquoise and offer a great glimpse of the underwater world before you've even taken the plunge. Adventure further below with your diving gear to see some pretty underwater caves and an impressive selection of native fauna.

  • Day 7


    On your final day of touring the historic sites of Turkey, you return to Gocek and to the attractions you didn't have time to visit the first time round.

    Before anchoring down at Gocek cruise your luxury charter yacht around the nearby neighbouring islands. Covered in dense displays of foliage and pine forests these small islands are little pieces of paradise for you to enjoy. Relax on the beaches or visit some private coves before returning to civilisation.

    Gocek has 6 harbours which all tailor to the immense amount of tourism using the location, all of which offer an idyllic scene of Turkish life and stunning scenery. Enjoy lunch at one of the harbour side cafes or restaurants before exploring the small town and picking up some last minute souvenirs to take home for friends and family. On your way out of Gocek make one last stop to pick up some fresh locally grown fruit to give you one last taste of your incredible journey of discovering historic Turkey.             

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