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7 Day Thailand Charter Itinerary - Pulau to Phang Nga Ba

A Week Around Phuket

Ideal for Summer Season

Nestled in the Andaman Sea by Thailand, Phuket and the surrounding area boasts incredible areas of natural beauty. Turquoise waters, secluded bays and densely packed rainforests are just some of the attractions which pull luxury charter yachts to the area each year, not to mention the tranquility, waterfalls and delightful food. This week long itinerary introduces you to some of the most beautiful locations around the coast of Thailand and gets you up close and personal to sights you will never forget.

  • Day 1



    After meeting up with your luxury charter yacht in Langkawi, your first port of call on your week long adventure is Palau Singa Besar.

    Only 17 km away from your starting point at Langkawi, you can enjoy the spectacular scenery during transit as you approach the impressive nature reserve. Jungle trekking is first in the agenda, travelling along various wooden walkways through the expansive rainforest, taking in all the indigenous flora and fauna. Also keep your eyes peeled for the residents of the nature reserve including monkeys, monitor lizards, snakes and hornbill.

    One of the most popular groups of residents in the park are the eagles. Soaring through the skies, the eagles can be spotted from afar, but if you want to get a closer look the Pulau Singa Besar nature reserve offers eagle feeding sessions. Despite only being a few minutes, these sessions offer exceptional interaction with the eagles and provide the perfect opportunity to take some unique holiday photos.

    Cool off from the jungle trails with a visit to the famous Princess Lake. Local legend believes that the lake has special properties to fertilise barren women. It’s also a great place to refresh after some tiring trekking.

  • Day 2

    Butang Islands

    Moving away from the stunning Pulau Singa Besar nature reserve, the Butang Islands are calling with a different kind of adventure.

    The archipelago of 15 islands once again boasts impeccable views of stunning rainforests and turquoise coastlines. Take a walk through the peaceful backdrops and indulge in some secluded me time on the almost abandoned beaches. Top up your tan, enjoy a freshly prepared light lunch and do a little beach combing before heading into the refreshingly cool waters of the Butang Islands.

    Gear up with your diving or snorkelling equipment and take the plunge to explore the pristine coral reefs. Peppered around the coastlines of the Butang Islands, the coral reefs display a phenomenal collection of hard and soft corals as well as 25% of the world’s species of tropical fish. It’s common to see groupers, angelfish, trumpetfish and butterflyfish as well as lobster and many more fish. For divers wanting to see larger marine creatures, dolphins are frequent visitors to the coral reefs and there are rare sightings of dugongs too.

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