Sydney Itinerary Details

8 Days In Sydney

8 Days, from Sydney to Sydney

One of the most well known Australian destinations, thanks to the landmark Sydney Opera House and unique coastline, Sydney attracts a number of elite travelers each year. With sightseeing, golden beaches, impressive shopping and amazing surfing opportunities on the cards it isn't hard to see why Sydney is such a popular charter destination.

Ideal in the summer season

  • Day 1 Cronulla


    Day 1 Cronulla

    Being a southern suburb of Sydney, Cronulla is a charter destination of its own. Located just 26 kilometres from the central district of Sydney, Cronulla is far enough away from the cosmopolitan area to see real Australian life, but not too far away that you miss out on the various attractions.

    Sink your toes into the golden sands of Cronulla beach and investigate the nearby rock pools before heading into town. The Cronulla Plaza is a pedestrianised zone filled with every convenience you could possibly want. Have a bite to eat in one of the charming cafes before heading to your first site.

  • Day 2 Kamay Botany Bay National Park

    Kamay Botany Bay National Park

    Day 2 Kamay Botany Bay National Park

    Big, green and beautiful, the Kamay Botany Bay National Park is an adventure not to be missed when exploring the New South Wales coast. The high vantage points are perfect for whale watching and the panoramic views are stunning.

    While exploring the national park, make note of the various heritage sites and monuments. Such as the landing point of Captain Cook and La Perouse Museum. Stroll along one of the many natural walks to see the native flora and fauna before emerging from the greenery at the bridge to the Bare Island Fort.

    Built in 1885, the fort was created due to belief that a Russian invasion was imminent. Throughout the years Bare Island Fort has seen many adventures and scandals, as well as the odd film crew. Try to spot some more whales here before heading back to the shore, ready for your next adventure.

  • Day 3 Little Bay

    Little Bay

    Day 3 Little Bay

    Continuing your journey northwards, your next port of call is Little Bay. Just past La Perouse, Little Bay is a mere 14 kilometres away from Sydney's centre. As your second suburb this area offers more beautiful sandy beaches as well as a golden opportunity to stretch your legs on The Coast Golf Course.

    Aside from the perfection of the golf course, Little Bay is well known for its history in medicine. In 1881, Little Bay was used an isolation location for an outbreak of smallpox. Starting out as a series of tents, a proper hospital was built to cater the needs of patients and the resident medical practitioners.

    After visiting the Coast Hospital and cemetery head down to the beach for an afternoon of beachcombing before heading into one of the local restaurants for some fresh cuisine and locally produced wines.

  • Day 4 & 5 Bondi Beach & Sydney

    Bondi Beach & Sydney

    Day 4 & 5 Bondi Beach & Sydney

    Chartering ever closer to the main hub of activity in Sydney's centre, make a pit stop at Bondi Beach. Being one of the most popular tourist hotspots in Australia this is a stop not to be missed. Relax on the super soft sands and indulge in some surfing to enjoy the completely laid back vibes of this famous location.

    Capital of New South Wales and one of the largest cities in Australia, Sydney is world renowned for the Sydney Opera House and the curved Harbour Bridge among many other notorious attractions. Anchoring down in the stunning Darling Harbour, climb ashore to instantly feed off the cosmopolitan atmosphere.

    Brimming with life and exciting experiences you may want to stay in Sydney forever. If your purse strings have been itching for some retail therapy now is the best time to indulge. Sydney is full of modern shopping centres, 19th century styled arcades and too many to count streets laden with Australian boutiques and cafes. Among all the best local brands you will find all of your favourite flagship stores including Prada, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. When you're ready to drop, pop all your new purchases on the charter before heading out to a delicious evening meal and a night of dancing.

    Day 2 in Sydney is no less exciting with so much more to do before moving on to your next port of call. Start off the day with nature by making a trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens. Situated in the heart of the city, these gardens are a little oasis which offer a break from the hustle and bustle of tourists and everyday traffic. From delightful rose gardens to incredible collections of rare and endangered plant life, this is an idyllic escape for a couple of hours. For more gardens with exciting water fountains and works of art, make another nature trip to Hyde Park and enjoy a peaceful picnic.

    For something completely different, jump on a ferry over to Sydney's largest island, Cockatoo Island. Popular for its historical significance, entry is free and you can spend the afternoon strolling around at your own pace or letting off steam at the tennis court with possible the best view in Sydney.

    Before retiring for the night, visit the famous Sydney Sky Tower. With an outdoor platform, known as the Skywalk, take in the stunning panoramic views of Sydney and the surrounding area before returning to ground level to enjoy another night of fine dining and memorable nightlife.

  • Day 6 Manly


    Day 6 Manly

    Your first stop heading north from the main hub of activity is Manly. Located on an outstretch of land this stop has a family friendly atmosphere and has plenty more activities for you to indulge in.

    Make a start by having an Australian breakfast at one of the local cafes and get some information about the tides that day. Manly is particularly popular for surfing so make sure you spend some time on the beach to practise your technique and see how many waves you can survive.

    A good choice for this location is to visit the Sea Life Sanctuary. Exhibits here will get you close to sharks, sea turtles, penguins and giant stingrays, as well as many other species of fish and small aquatic creatures.

  • Day 7 Collaroy & Newport

    Collaroy & Newport

    Day 7 Collaroy & Newport

    Stretch your legs in the morning by chartering slightly further north to Collaroy. There's an impressive golf course here to test your swing and putting skills. Enjoy the coastal views as you make your way round the course before heading to The Collaroy to enjoy some freshly prepared Australian pub food.

    After lunch make your way to the second port of call for the day, Newport. There are some idyllic yacht club locations here and some incredible drinking spots you need to take full advantage of. Meet up with other charters for dinner or head back to the deck to enjoy some peace as you watch the sunset.

  • Day 8 Whale Beach & Palm Beach

    Whale Beach & Palm Beach

    Day 8 Whale Beach & Palm Beach

    For your last day along the Sydney stretch you have two great coastal locations to visit. The first is Whale Beach. The best way to enjoy this area is to start and finish on the beach. The soft sands are popular here and the view is one not to be missed.

    Explore the area by indulging in one of the locally themed restaurants. All centring around whale stories such as Jonah and Moby Dick. Keep your eyes peeled to see if you can find any whales as you charter up to your final port of call at Palm Beach.

    The long Ocean Road has some great accompanying beaches so make the most of the last beaches you will see on your trip. Have a drink at a nautical themed cafe before strolling barefoot in the sand up to the pretty Barrenjoey Lighthouse. Completed in 1881, it takes 20 minutes to reach the top of the lighthouse but once you're up there you have an amazing panoramic view, great for whale watching and for catching the final glimpse of your incredible journey up the Sydney coast.

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