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7 Day Seychelles Charter Itinerary - Mahe to Frégate Island

Escape to the Seychelles

Ideal for Summer Season

Nestled in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles are a honeymooner or charter guest's dream location. Brimming with vibrant marine life, pristine white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, the Seychelles are an idyllic destination to kick back and relax. Also known as a nature lover’s paradise, the Seychelles are home to rare creatures as well as incredible rainforests. Enjoy the beautiful scenery from the off as you arrive at the starting port of call, Mahe.

  • Day 1



    Home to the capital city of the Seychelles, Victoria, Mahe is an exciting hub of activity housing 90% of the country’s population. After meeting up with your dedicated crew for your Seychelles tour, head back ashore to make the most of the intriguing destination.

    Begin exploring the island around the town with a brightly coloured market and picturesque Creole architecture. Take a break from the heat in one of the popular restaurants around the harbour. Boasting inviting seafood dishes, the restaurants provide refreshing delicacies produced from locally sourced products.

    Get stuck into the lush greenery of the Seychelles by taking your first hike. Raised elevations including the foliage covered Morne Seychellois make for invigorating walks and also provide some of the best views. Get some spectacular photos of the sweeping expanse then return to the harbour for a cool and rewarding champagne cocktail or two.

  • Day 2

    North Island

    North Island

    Almost completely untouched, North Island is iconic for showing what the Seychelles really look like.

    Although small in size, North Island will be a highlight of any tour around the Seychelles. All activities on the island rotate around the concept of conservation and they all provide exceptional views both above and below the water’s surface.

    Walking through the indigenous flora and fauna on North Island presents beautiful glimpses into the stunning natural habitat of the Seychelles. Explore the dense foliage and enjoy a light bite in the shade before returning to the sun and indeed the sea.

    No tour of North Island is complete without seeing every angle of the pristine condition environment. Underneath the waves is one of the largest coral reefs in the world. Worth at least three dives, the elaborate coral reef is home to an abundance of vibrantly coloured fish and a wide variety of equally vibrant corals.

    Finish off the day of exploring with a fine dining experience on the upper deck.

    North Island
  • Day 3

    Praslin Island

    Praslin Island

    Ideal for a spell of sunbathing, the virtually abandoned beaches of Praslin Island are the perfect setting for a morning of lounging around in the warmth of the tropical sun.

    After a relaxing morning on the soft, sandy beaches, venture further into the island to visit the Vallee de Mai. Found on the list of UNESCO sites, the Vallee de Mai is the only location in the world where the coco de mer tree grows. This particular variation of palm tree is special because it produces the largest nut in the world, which weighs in at an impressive 40 lbs.

    Surrounding the Vallee de Mai, the Praslin National Park is an intoxicating area of untouched native flora and fauna with wildlife living free and unharmed. Exotic birds including Seychelles blue pigeons and Seychelles swiftlets can be seen regularly flying among the dense rainforests, but keep watch on the trees trunks too to catch a glimpse of geckos and treefrogs.

    Nature continues on the beaches with many visiting hawksbill and green turtles nesting and feeding around the coast.

    Praslin Island
  • Day 4-6

    La Digue

    La Digue

    The third largest island in the Seychelles awaits as you drop anchor next to one of the stunning beaches.

    Surrounded by a backdrop of impressive rock formations, the beaches offer ample sunbathing space and ideal opportunities to snorkel. Investigate th nooks and crannies of the rock formations to see small critters going about their daily business.

    On the land, the small residency offers a warm welcome to visitors and proudly offers a taste of authenticity. Out of reach from mainstream tourists, the community of La Digue can provide traditional cuisine and offer many stories of times gone by. Extra history can also be discovered in the local museum.

    An interesting pull to the island can be found in the boundaries of the Veuve Nature Reserve. The possibility of seeing the rare Black Paradise Flycatcher is a must on its own as there are only around 100 in existence. The critically endangered medium sized bird is native to the island and is often found on a birder’s to see list.

    La Digue
  • Day 7

    Frégate Island

    Frégate Island

    Private and completely beautiful, the island of Frégate is an ideal last port of call on a tour of the Seychelles.

    Named after the Frégate bird, the stunning island is covered with Indian almond and cashew trees and is exclusive to a small selection of visitors.

    This island itself is another must for those interested in nature as there are more nesting sites for hawksbill and green turtles here. Another turtle found more leisurably are the giant aldabra, who roam freely around the island. Species of millipede and beetle can also be found here in addition to some rare birds.

    Beachtime is a must while visiting Frégate Island as the Anse Victorin beach was once voted the best beach in the world by The Times. Indulge in this luxurious coastline before retreating to the east coast in the evening for an authentic, traditional meal in a truly romantic setting overlooking the panoramic views.

    Frégate Island
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