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4 Day Seychelles Charter Itinerary - Eden Island to Eden Island

Touring The Inner Seychelles

Ideal for Winter Season

The Indian Ocean is full os stunning collections of islands, one of which is the Seychelles. Formed of a vast collection of both natural and man made islands, this beautiful area is a popular destination for couples and honeymooners, as well as luxury charter yacht enthusiasts. During this short tour you will visit some of the inner islands of the Seychelles and see some pretty beaches, sweeping views and of course the epitomy of a private island getaway. Although this is only a four day itinerary it is a great taster tour if you’ve never been to this area of the world before. So climb aboard your luxury charter yacht, pick up your champagne and relax as the anchor rises to begin your journey.

  • Day 1

    Eden Island

    Touching down at the Seychelles International Airport the first destination on your agenda is to meet up with your chosen luxury charter yacht in Wharf Marina. You’ll be greeted by your crew and given a grand tour of the vessel before heading back to the shore to explore Eden Island.

    Unlike many other islands in the Seychelles, Eden Island is an artificially made island. Created in the 2000’s, Eden Island has one main industry in tourism and is mostly known for the luxury Eden Bleu hotel. Take some time in the early afternoon to explore the resort and it’s facilities before trying some local delicacies at one of the boardwalk restaurants facing the sparkling waters around the coast.

    Head back to the luxury charter yacht to be whisked away to one of the protected bays around the island. After anchoring down, drop into the ocean for your first snorkelling experience of the Seychelles tour. Take in the beautiful sights of the world beneath the waves before resurfacing to dry off on the remote beach with brightly coloured cocktails at hand.

  • Day 2

    St Anne

    Set off from Eden Island over a continental breakfast, taking in the stunning views as you charter across to St Anne.

    As the largest of the islands in the St Anne Marine National Park, this island has some phenomenal sights of natural beauty. Start off the day with an energetic hike. Advance through the dense vegetation while looking around for native wildlife who hide among the indigenous flora and fauna. The highest peak on the island stands at around 807 feet, but if you can’t manage that there are still some spectacular sweeping views from half way up. Enjoy a light picnic while taking in the sights before heading back down towards your luxury charter yacht.

    After a rest on the decking your crew will cruise around to the best dive site on the island, St Anne Rocks. Definitely the must do activity of St Anne, the rock formations at the St Anne Rocks dive site are worth a look themselves. The natural display forms the perfect backdrop for holiday photographs and the views underneath the rocks are even more impressive.

    Corals of different colours can be seen everywhere you look, as well as the abundance of fish who dart in and out of the coral gardens. If you love seeing larger underwater creatures you are in for a treat here as you can expect to see reef sharks, rays and octopuses. If you’re very lucky there may also be an encounter with a sea turtle or three.

  • Day 3

    Moyenne Island

      Also in the boundaries of the marine national park, Moyenne Island is a flora and fauna reserve.

    Instituted as a reserve in the 1970’s, Moyenne Island is mostly known for the beautiful stretches of soft sandy beaches. Spend the morning on the quiet beaches for some down time. Watch the world go by and take a barefoot walk through the sands before taking the plunge into the waters.

    In addition to the beaches, Moyenne Island is also visited because of the underwater habitants. A dive around the coast can bring you up close to thousands of fish, rays and sharks. Take your underwater camera on the dive to get some wonderful photos to remember. When you return to the surface it’s time for your evening meal.

    The Jolly Roger Bar and Restaurant sits in a prime location on the beach. Serving lots of popular favourites, indulge in a feast of delicious food followed by cocktails under a stunning sunset.

  • Day 4

    Eden Island

    Heading back to where you started your tour of the inner Seychelles, Eden Island will also be your final port of call.

    Instead of spending your day around Wharf Marina like your first day in the Seychelles, today you will to a different area by the name of Victoria. Here you will find some distinctly beautiful boutiques to pick up some unique gifts to take home for family and friends, as well as some pretty trinkets to keep for yourself. In addition to the mainstream tourist souvenir pick up lines there are also some stunning pieces of handicrafts to pick up which supports local family run businesses.

    Lunch a tricky choice with so many little cafes and restaurants to choose from. Stop off for some light refreshments before continuing back in the direction of your luxury charter yacht through some peaceful botanical gardens.

    Th remainder of the afternoon is yours to do with as you wish. Relax on the beach or head slightly further out to spend some time with your water sports toys. A great way to end your last day in the Seychelles is to have a private beach barbeque on throws and cushions underneath the unspoilt night sky.

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