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7 Day Seychelles Charter Itinerary - Curieuse to Praslin

The Best Of The Seychelles In 7 Days

Ideal for Winter Season

Taking a tour of the Seychelles cannot get more relaxing than when you’re with a luxury charter yacht. Cruising from island to island on your own private vessel is luxury itself, before even contemplating the destination. The Seychelles offer an incredible trip which will leave a long lasting imprint on your mind. Over the next seven days you will see some of the very best sights of these stunning islands, both above and below the water’s surface. National parks, coral reef barriers and sea turtles are only some of the sights you will encounter on this journey. So climb aboard your chosen vessel and raise the anchor to explore this beautiful place.

  • Day 1


    After touching down at Praslin your Seychelles adventure begins as you meet up with your chosen luxury charter yacht in the harbour.

    Meet your crew who will be looking after you throughout your trip and enjoy a tour of the vessel over a glass of champagne. Before getting too settled in your home for the week, rejoin the shore to explore a little of the beautiful island of St Anne. Visit some family businesses and try some local delicacies at the quaint restaurants before rejoining your crew and raising anchor for your first port of call.

    The island of Curieuse is marked as a national park so there’s nothing here you can remove from the island. However there are plenty of photograph opportunities. This island in particular is protected because it is home to the Aldabra Giant Tortoise. These turtles breed on the island and are closely monitored by the conservation station. More than 300 pairs live here so there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of them.

    In addition to these incredible residents, the island also offers some stunning walks and impeccable views to go with them. Soak up some rays over a refreshing drink before heading back to your luxury charter yacht to enjoy a fine dining experience in a lavishly adorned dining room.

  • Day 2

    Grande Souer

    You’re in for a treat today as you move on towards your next destination and your first diving experience in the Seychelles.

    Start off the day with a taster snorkelling session at Cocos Island to accustom yourself to the waters. See some beautifully coloured fish flitting around you and maybe catch sight of some small critters scrabbling across the seabed. Dry off on the soft sandy beach before heading over to Grande Souer for your unbelievable diving session.

    The island is bordered by a coral reef barrier, meaning there are protected waters teeming with life to explore. The impressive coral formations attract thousands of reef fish of all shapes and sizes, as well as small critters and some larger visitors. On a dive in these waters you could expect to see some sea turtles up close, so don’t take a dive without your underwater camera. Try to fit in more than one dive here to truly make the most of the beauty of this coral reef barrier.

    End your day with a seafood platter on the decking of your luxury charter yacht, overlooking the beautiful sunset.

  • Day 3

    La Digue

    During the third day of your trip to the Seychelles you will get to see the best of both worlds.

    Starting off in the waters, you can opt to dive or snorkel, or a bit of both. The sheltered waters provide ideal conditions for diving, even for less experienced divers. Large boulders mark some of the best places to explore beneath the waves, with small critters and inhabitants hiding in the nooks and crannies. Many other resident fish will also approach you so keep your eyes peeled for inquisitive friends.

    Back on the land, La Digue can give you some insight into everyday life in the Seychelles. As the fourth largest island in the Seychelles, this island has a lot more life than many other islands put together. Travelling around this island is a little unusual with ox carts. Even if you only try out this transport system on the way back to your luxury charter yacht, it needs to be ticked off your list.

    While among the locals, take a look at their small shops and businesses to see some handmade handicrafts and freshly made produce from locally sourced ingredients. Make a purchase or two before returning to your luxury charter yacht for a candlelit supper.

  • Day 4


    Moving on to Praslin, your day here will be filled with natural wonder.

    Climbing ashore onto this picturesque island, your first stop will be a short journey through the rainforest. Follow your guide as you move through skyscraping trees and pretty flora and fauna until you reach one of the smallest heritage sites in the world. The Vallee de Mai is home to an intriguing tree which bears nuts in the shape of a woman’s hips. These nuts once washed up on African shores and caused quite a stir with the residents.

    After having a unique experience with some very uniquely shaped nuts, head back towards your luxury charter yacht via some delightful smelling vanilla orchids. Watch around the trees as you move through to look out for any native wildlife on the island.

    If you have time, investigate the waters around Praslin with a spot of snorkelling or bring out the toys and spend a couple of hours doing water sports. This area has plenty of space so hop on to a jet ski or try some kiteboarding for a special view of Praslin.


  • Day 5

    Cousin Island

    Cousin Island will continue the theme of extreme natural beauty as you explore some of the immaculate setting of this nature reserve.

    Anchoring down in the bay of Cousin Island, your tender will drop you ashore ready for a trek through the coverage of rainforest. The trees and foliage are dense here, making it very humid but very exciting if you love birds. This birder’s paradise will introduce you to species like the Seychelles warbler, robin, turtle doves and magpies. Keep your eyes on the skies to see even more birds as they fly around in the canopy above your head. But don’t forget to look down now and again as there are also some interesting species of reptiles to watch out for.

    Take a well earned break over a light lunch on board the decking of your luxury charter yacht before heading out once again but this time into the cool waters around the coast.

    The wildlife is just as exciting underneath the waves as it is above the water so bring your underwater camera for some impressive photos. While diving around Cousin Island you can expect to see a wide range of reef fish and tortoises. There are several opportunitites for diving around the island, the best of which can be found nestled into the large boulders scattered around the coast. Take a peek into the cavities of the boulders to see some small critters and other inhabitants going about their daily business.

  • Day 6

    Aride Island

    On your last full day in the Seychelles you will be treated to another day in natural paradise from the national park on Aride Island.

    Much like your stopover at Cousin Island yesterday, Aride Island boasts an impressive collection of birds which will have looking skywards for much of the day. This island is largely untouched with only rangers of the park living on the island. This means there are even more birds to see as they are undisturbed and living their lives as nature intended. Take a stroll around the island with your binoculars and camera to capture some beautiful moments before returning to the beach for some tanning time.

    The afternoon is yours to enjoy as you wish. If you fancy a spot of fishing, this area has a bountiful selection of fish to catch that cater to deep sea and bone fishing hobbies. Spend a couple of hours trying to catch a fresh supper or spend some built up energy by raising your adrenaline levels on the water sports equipment. Race round the island on jet skis or take a leisurely bob across the waves with a champagne bucket on a paddle boat.

    Tonight is best spent with a fine dining experience onboard your luxury charter yacht, overlooking the final sunset of your trip in the Seychelles.

  • Day 7


    Before making your way to the airport, make the most of the time you have left to take one more look around Praslin. Get some more photos of the Vallee de Mai, top up your tan that little bit more on the stunning beaches or have one last dive to see the marine life.

    However you choose to spend your final hours in the Seychelles you can be rest assured that this luxury charter yacht experience will be one that you will never forget.


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