Myanmar (Burma) Itinerary Details

Discover Myanmar

7 Days, from Palua Beda to Kawthaung

One of the most unspoiled charter destinations the world over, Myanmar offers visitors the rare chance to discover truly hidden secrets

Ideal in the summer season

  • Day 1 Palu Beda

    Palu Beda

    Day 1 Palu Beda

    By embarking at Kawthaung, charter guests are able to familiarise themselves with their chosen superyacht in truly outstanding surroundings.

    After enjoying a welcome reception, charterers are then able to cruise over to the  Mergui archipelago to unwind on an array of beautiful beaches found amongst the myriad of small islands. Fringed by a coral reef, this spot offers up countless opportunities to equip the snorkelling gear or board a kayak.

  • Day 2 Lampi Island

    Lampi Island

    Day 2 Lampi Island

    Waking up at Lampi Island, charterers begin their day with the sound of birdsong which abounds around the national park.

    Sparsely populated by a small local community, both the waters and mainland trails are completely unspoiled. Resplendent with eye-catching flora and fauna, the dense rainforest surroundings are unquestionably unique, and the sunset views are truly unrivalled.

  • Day 3 Salet Galet

    Salet Galet

    Day 3 Salet Galet

    Checking out Salet Galet, charterers are able to experience one of the hidden gems found around Myanmar.

    Situated between Wa Ale Kyunn and Lampi Island, Salet Galet forms an ideal and natural anchorage. From here, charterers are spoiled for choice when it comes to activities to indulge in. From a spot of fishing, to long jungle walks, to some gentle kayaking, there truly is an infinite list of things to do in the tranquil environment. However the day is spent, a beach BBQ and bonfire is undoubtedly the best way to end the day in Salet Galet.

  • Day 4 Great Swinton Island and the Three Islets

    Great Swinton Island and the Three Islets

    Day 4 Great Swinton Island and the Three Islets

    Yet another of Myanmar’s idyllic anchorages, Great Swinton is flanked by sequestered beaches and fringed by some truly superb rainforest.

    After spending the morning surrounded by such postcard-perfect scenes, a short cruise over to the Three Islets provides charterers the chance to explore some world-leading dive spots and acquaint themselves with the attendant marine life. For the more adventurous members of the party, a 20m long cave is populated by a handful of docile grey reef sharks.

  • Day 5 MacLeod Island

    MacLeod Island

    Day 5 MacLeod Island

    Home to the much talked about Andaman Resort, Macleod Island offers guests the chance to enjoy uninterrupted ocean views as well as some traditional Burmese massage treatments.

    Due to being nicely sheltered, the bays on offer around this spot are ideal for enjoying some watersports and taking long walks.

  • Day 6 Cock Comb Island

    Cock Comb Island

    Day 6 Cock Comb Island

    A much more rugged spot than those which appeared before it, Cock Comb Island features a secret heart-shaped lagoon at its centre.

    Following some time spent overlooking the marine life and coral reef, charterers can head out to Western Rock for a spot of diving and relaxation.

  • Day 7 Kawthaung


    Day 7 Kawthaung

    Seeing off Myanmar in style, guests can enjoy some of the best rolling landscapes whilst making an early morning passage back to Kawthaung.

    Just before bidding farewell to the captain and crew, a final breakfast in the harbour is no doubt the finest way of rounding off a private luxury yacht charter.

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