Mediterranean Itinerary Details

12 Days In The Mediterranean

12 Days, from Positano to Antibes

Discover the beauty of Italy and southern France on this two week itinerary. Taking you to some of the most beautiful locations in the French and Italian Rivieras, you'll see sights you'll never forget. From 15th century citadels to incredible natural waterfalls, there is something for everyone on this charter itinerary. Pack all your essentials and prepare to begin your break at the Italian location of Positano.

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  • Day 1 Positano


    Day 1 Positano

    Begin your Mediterranean yacht charter by embarking in the beautiful location of Positano in Italy.

    Nestled into the cliff on the Amalfi Coast, Positano is a popular holiday destination in its own right. With steep winding streets and a stretch of pebbled beach, this is a great way to start off your vacation.

    Have lunch at one of the many side street cafes or restaurants before taking a dip into the cool waters and making passage to your next port of call for your first full day of adventure.

  • Day 2 Capri


    Day 2 Capri

    Moving away from mainland Italy, your first stop is the island of Capri in the Gulf of Naples.

    This island is famed for its rugged terrain and picturesque views. By dropping anchor in Marina Piccolo, the morning is yours to venture ashore and explore the local town. This is the ideal place to do some shopping for high quality leather purchases and to try some locally produced limoncello liqueur.

    After some lunch in a cafe or on board your charter yacht, it's time to experience a natural wonder which attracts visitors to this island every year. The Blue Grotto is your must see hotspot for this port of call. The dark cavern has a unique quality where the sea glows a fantastic electric blue.  After seeing this phenomenon, head back to your charter yacht for an evening on the deck to watch the beautiful Mediterranean sunset.

  • Day 3 Sorrento


    Day 3 Sorrento

    Back to the Italian mainland and it's time to visit one of the most charming destinations in the area.

    With the town completely divided from its marinas, the town of Sorrento is perched on an incredible vantage point on top of a cliff. On a good day, you will be able to see Capri and Mt Vesuvius from Sorrento.

    While in Sorrento, take the time to explore the winding streets of the old town. A major point of interest in this area is the Chiesa di San Francesco. The 14th century church has stunning architecture and is ideal for a cultural experience. It's perfect for vacation photographs, too.

  • Day 4 Ponza Islands

    Ponza Islands

    Day 4 Ponza Islands

    Continuing your journey around Italy, make your way to the Ponza Islands in the Tyrrhenian sea.

    Stop off on the largest island of the archipelago, Ponza, to enjoy some sightseeing, local cuisine and a chat with some of the friendly locals.

    Many of the islands within the archipelago are uninhabited, so make the most of the day by adventuring to some of the practically deserted islands. Enjoy the quiet and peaceful ambience by resting on the vacated beaches and strolling through the native flora and fauna. The scenery is stunning in this area, and there are some great opportunities for snorkelling throughout the archipelago.

  • Day 5 & 6 Sardinia


    Day 5 & 6 Sardinia

    The stunning and picturesque location of Sardinia means there is something here for everyone.

    There are plenty of pristine condition sandy beaches for those who wish to relax; and there are some ideal environments to take a dive or snorkel.

    Stretch your legs and take a walk through the mountainous scenery to see some spectacular views of the island and the surrounding area. If hiking doesn't appeal to you, take some time to discover some culture of Sardinia by visiting Castello, the medieval quarter of Cagliari. Roaming around the narrow streets you can visit a 13th century cathedral and some beautiful 14th century palaces. To continue a day of culture, save some time to visit the art gallery by Sardinia's prime coastal resort of Porto Cervo.

    If you fancy a spot of shopping there are many stores and stands to pick up local souvenirs and any supplies you may need for the rest of your trip. Take a break from the stores by enjoying a fresh lunch from one of the harbour cafes at Porto Rotondo.

  • Day 7 Bonifacio Straits

    Bonifacio Straits

    Day 7 Bonifacio Straits

    Moving away from civilisation, day 7 of your tour allows you to visit many islands in one day.

    The Bonifacio Straits are located across the border of Italy and France. With idyllic surroundings as well as some deserted beaches, there are some great opportunities to work on your tan and enjoy some peace and quiet.

    While roaming the islands, take the plunge into the cool waters to see some beautiful coral displays and take some beautiful underwater photographs of the local sea life.

  • Day 8 Bonifacio


    Day 8 Bonifacio

    After anchoring down in the natural harbour of Bonifacio, the day is yours to explore.

    Surrounded by steep cliffs, this medieval town offers a stunning glimpse into the past with some architecture largely intact from when it was originally erected.

    Bonifacio is divided into two sections for you to explore as you wish. The lower area, known as the Old Town or the marina, is nestled along the water's edge, giving you some lovely spots for lunch and some pretty historic scenes to use as some beautiful photograph backdrops. Up on the cliff, you will find the second half of the town which is aptly known as the Upper City. The impressive citadel here has been rebuilt several times over the years but now presides over the city as a museum. After wandering round the many streets of quaint buildings and pretty cafes, make the time to enjoy the panoramic view of the Mediterranean sea from the cliff top.

  • Day 9 Ajaccio


    Day 9 Ajaccio

    Continuing through the western coast of Corsica, the town of Ajaccio is popular for two reasons.

    The first is that this location is ideal for sun, sea, and shopping. The highly commercialised port and surroundings open up ideal opportunities to shop till you drop while enjoying the palm fringed coastline and the exquisite collection of restaurants and cafes.

    Ajaccio is also popular for being home to one of the most famous people in European history, Napoleon Bonaparte. For those who love history, you can visit Napoleon's home which has now been transformed into a museum of his life and achievements. Other points of interest to visit if you find time is the lighthouse by the citadel and the pretty marina.

  • Day 10 Gulf of Girolata

    Gulf of Girolata

    Day 10 Gulf of Girolata

    Home to the UNESCO heritage site of Scandola, this location takes you back to nature to enjoy the local environment at its best.

    This area is protected, so removing anything from the area is forbidden, and is a sanctuary for many species of marine life and birds. Your inner birder will be searching for the protected cormorants, sea eagles and many more species who descend for a visit.

    Into the water there are many underwater caves to explore. The marine life is spectacular in this area, so you are in for a treat. Some of the caves may feature underwater currents so experienced divers may wish to proceed ahead of new divers in the group. After studying the marine life below the water's surface, dry off on one of the pretty, isolated sandy beaches and take time to appreciate the beauty of the red cliffs.

  • Day 11 Calvi


    Day 11 Calvi

    Distinctly known for being the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, the location of Calvi continues to be a popular destination for both vacationers and history lovers.

    The 15th century citadel and old town are a stunning sight to see and a must do on your list of places to see when around Corsica.

    Walk the winding streets to enjoy lunch at a local cafe and shop in some of the idyllic side street stores selling high quality products. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon by heading to Calvi's well known long sandy beach. Views from the beach are stunning and if you decide to take a dive around the coastline of Calvi you will be treated to many introductions to local marine life.

  • Day 12 Antibes


    Day 12 Antibes

    Before heading home, enjoy the ride to Antibes and watch the developing scene in front of you as you approach the famous Cote d'Azur.

    Anchoring down in the marina you will immediately be faced with the beautiful 16th century fort of Carre.

    After enjoying a delicious freshly made lunch, take a stroll along the promenade to take a last look at the Mediterranean and also get your first look of the Alps mountain range before heading home.

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