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7 Day Maldives Charter Itinerary - Male to Male

Diving In The Maldives

Ideal for Winter Season

Aside form being one of the most popular destinations in the world for honeymooners, the Maldives constantly attract flocks of diving enthusiasts throughout the year. Playing host to undisturbed coral reefs and an uncountable amount of different marine creatures the Maldives offer everything you could possibly want from a diving holiday. Starting off int he capital of Male, your crew will escort you to some of the best diving spots in the Maldives including drop offs, reefs and pretty caverns.

  • Day 1


    Arriving at the capital of the Maldives you will drop off your belongings onboard your chosen luxury charter yacht then return to the shore by tender.

    Take a tour around the town, taking in all the sights of the traditional way of life in these islands. Watch the locals bringing in their catch of the day and see how they then prepare the food to eat. Why not try out some authentic cuisine while you’re here. Don’t spend too much time here aas your first destination awaits.

    Rejoin your luxury charter yacht and head up to the top deck for some colourful cocktails. A 2 hour cruise will take you to the island of Bandos. Here you will find just a taster of what the Maldives have to offer. Pristine condition white sandy beaches, plenty of palms and of course the twinkling clear waters.

    Pop on your diving gear to experience your first dive of the week. Bandos has a beautiful coral reef to sea and if you get very lucky you may be able to see a pod of dolphins nearby. They often appear near dusk so try and squeeze in a later dive too if you have the energy left.

  • Day 2


    Your first full day in the Maldives will take you to two locations, the first being the Rasdhoo Atoll.

    The Rasdhoo Atoll is one of the major diving highlights of the Maldives so spend a good half a day here to really appreciate the magic of these waters. Diving these waters will allow you to see an abundance of beautifully coloured fish and some larger underwater species including sharks on occasion. If sharks are your ideal find of the day head round to Hammerhead Shark Point for a better view of these magnificent creatures.

    Once you’re ready to move on it’s time for a freshly prepared lunch onboard your luxury charter yacht while your crew cruise along to your next port of call for the day. The dive site of Ulkulhas Thila is for more experienced divers and is one of those dive sites that you will never forget.

    Taking the plunge into the cool waters you will head down to a rock pinnacle which attracts manta rays throughout the year. Hold on to the rock and watch as the giant mantas come up close to investigate and clean their wings. They’ll dance around you so make sure you bring your underwater camera for some unbelievable shots.

  • Day 3

    Maaya Thila

    Another spectacular dive will be the point of interest for day 3 of your tour of the Maldives.

    Anchoring down at Maaya Thila your morning will be spent exploring the underwater world and the pinnacles. Take more than one dive here if you can to make the most of the vibrant sealife and interesting larger creatures including nurse sharks, white tip sharks and rays. Unlike the dive at Ulkulhas Thila, this dive site is suitable for all levels of diving experience.

    Your afternoon is yours to enjoy and relax. Diving can take a lot of energy so rest up and recoop your energy levels with a quiet afternoon on one of the staggering white sandy beaches. Indulge in a refreshing drink from a ripe coconut, top up your tan and catch some well earned you time.

    Your evening can then be spent on the decking of your luxury charter yacht with a helping of delightful cocktails and a michelin style supper.

  • Day 4

    Dangheti Island

    Back into the waters today, Dangheti Island will come into view early in the morning as you cruise across the ocean over a continental breakfast.

    The Kuda Rah Thila is your first destination and it’s an absolute must. As one of the dive sites in the region, this dive site delivers exactly what you’d expect from one of the best. An impressive display of soft corals welcomes you to the dive site and an abundance of marine life dashes inbetween the formations. The fish are wonderful to watch but if you’re looking for some bigger creatures you won’t be disappointed. If you’re lucky you may be able to see some sea turtles and reef sharks.

    If the sea turtles aren’t big enough to whet your appetite for marine creatures your crew will take you to another location where the marine life gets bigger. Sun Island is only a short distance away but you can have some up close and personal encounters with some very large whale sharks, definitely another opportunity for your underwater camera.     

  • Day 5


    Continuing on your tour of the Maldives, your next port of call with your luxury charter yacht is the Felidhu Atoll.

    Once again you will be fortunate to see some incredible marine species so makesure you conserve your energy to take as many dives as you can today. Miyara Kandu in particular is a great place to spens some time under the waves as you are welcomed by some close encounters with large pelagics. After exploring the reef and the habitant reef fish, swim over to the drop off to see whale and reef sharks, as well as some mantas. If you’re very lucky you may even see some hammerhead sharks too. For a really good view of the hammerhead sharks, take a night dive and see a school of them swim around above your head.

    After a day of exploring the reef and the drop off your crew will cruise across to a sandbar for a unique dining spot. Indulge in a seafood barbeque from your own private spot of sand, paddle through the waters around the bar and toast a delightful holiday over a glass of champagne under the blanket of stars.


  • Day 6

    Fotteyo Kandu—Kandooma Thila

    Two diving destinations are on the cards for your penultimate day in the Maldives.

    Start the day in Fotteyo Kandu where a dive site filled with caverns waits for you. This dive has a large amount of swim throughs and many nooks and crannies to explore. Join the marine fish as you swim through black and yellow corals and other pretty rock formations. There’s plenty of fish to see as they swim past you in large schools. Dry off on the decking off your luxury charter yacht as your crew take you to your second destination of the day.

    After a light lunch you will want to put your diving gear back on as you arrive at Kandooma Thila. Located in the South Male Atoll the dive site at Kandooma Thila features a busy 300m peninsula. The vast coral displays are home to an abundance of vibrantly coloured reef fish and also see some larger visitors including reef sharks and eagle rays.

    When you’re finished diving for the day spend some time resting on your luxury charter yacht and keep your eyes peeled on the waters as you may catch a glimpse of some sea turtles. If there’s an itch for an adrenaline rush get out the water sports toys for an hour or two before an indulging evening meal.

  • Day 7


    Your final day in the Maldives arrives as you enjoy a final breakfast onboard your luxury charter yacht.

    If there’s enough time, enjoy one last dive into the crisp waters before disembarking your vessel in the harbour. Pick up some final gifts for friends and family back home, then head to the scenic airport ready to catch your flight home.

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