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7 Day Maldives Charter Itinerary - Male to Kurumba

A Week In The Maldives

Ideal for Winter Season

Basking in the glory of the Indian Ocean, the 42,000 square miles of the Maldives is one of the ultimate playgrounds for luxury charter yachts. Extremely popular for honeymoons, weddings and special once in a lifetime trips it doesn’t need to be proven that the Maldives are a highly sought after destination if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary. Spending a week in the Maldives on your chosen luxury charter yacht will introduce you to some phenomenal natural sights and give you memories that you will never forget. Starting off in Male your dedicated crew will take you on a journey to some of the most beautiful spots and then finish off with one last stop at Kurumba. Pack all your luxuries as you raise anchor in one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

  • Day 1


    Arriving at the capital of Male, your Maldive adventure begins as you join up with your chosen luxury charter yacht in the port. Pop your luggage inside and familiarise yourself with your vessel before returning to the town by tender.

    Male is a busy port town in the Maldives with residents relying on the boats to get them around and earn their keep. Venture ashore to take a look at everyday life in the Maldives and visit some of the interesting old buildings, such as the 17th century mosque.  

    After trying some local cuisine at one of the family owned cafes or restaurants head back to your luxury charter yacht for an evening of cocktails and spending some you time with an onboard massage therapist.

  • Day 2

    Ari Atoll

    Your first full day in the Maldives takes you to an amazing dive site at Ari Atoll.

    The Maldives are incredibly popular with diving enthusiasts, with divers coming from across the globe just to try out the spectacular waters of the Indian Ocean. Your first dive of your trip in the Maldives is to be found in the channel of Hukurudhoo Uthuru Kandu. Running straight through the reef of Ari Atoll and brings nutrients that are highly beneficial to the reef.

    The daily top up of nutirents from the channel mean that you will not be disappointed by your first dive. The corals are blossoming in vibrant colours and show just how good a condition they are in. On top of the spectacular coral displays there are also plenty of marine creatures to see.

    Head out slightly to the drop off to see incredible shoals of barracuda, colourful reef fish and rays, as well as the odd shark here and there. Finish off your first day with a michelin style supper and perfectly matched wine and enjoy an unspoilt view of the sunset.

  • Day 3

    Dhigurah & Mamigili Islands

    Day 3 of your tour around the Maldives takes in the sights of Dhigurah and Mamigili.

    These islands are away from mainstream tourists and much quieter to visit. These islands still practise traditional ways of living such as hand weaving mats and repairing boats by hand. In addition to these traditional methods there are also some cultural traditions in place including the fact that women need to be covered up, in particular their shoulders and legs.

    Being away from cruise liners means you have more time to explore at your own leisure. The locals here are happy to give you a tour around their settlements and introduce you to their authentic cuisine so long as you remember to respect their customs of covering up.

    Throughout the afternoon you can hop around the islands visiting the pretty and almost empty beaches and spending some time in the clear waters to see some of the spectacular marine life.

  • Day 4


    Out of all the islands in the Maldives there are less than a quarter that are actually inhabited. Today you will get to spend the day at an uninhabited island.

    Dhiffushi like many other islands in the Maldives sports stunning untouched beaches and little spots of pure paradise. An ideal day at Dhiffushi will start off with a continental breakfast on board your luxury charter yacht followed by a morning relaxing on the super soft sands of the beach.

    Diving is a must when visiting uninhabited islands. Lack of tourists and vessels means there may well be more marine life to see as they are less likely to be disturbed here. Venture below the water’s surface to see some small critters like hermit crabs and not forgetting the large abundance of beautifully coloured marine fish. While scouring the seabed for marine life, keep your eyes open for old relics and remains of shipwrecks. Although the island is uninhabited there are still many vessels which have passed through this area.

    Drying off from your dive is easy as you return to the desert island like atmosphere on the pristine beach. End your day in paradise with a delicious beach barbeque while resting on blankets and cushions, looking up at the starry night sky.   

  • Day 5


    Another day away from it all, Madivaru is another peaceful day in paradise.

    Like Dhiffushi, Madivaru has no mainstream tourists to visit her so she boasts staggering beaches only littered with crabs and shells. Once again you can lap up the sun on the soft white sand or venture back into the waters to see some more of the marine life.

    If two days in a row of doing nothing isn’t your thing then the time has come to bring out the toys. Being away from the main shipping routes in the Indian Ocean means there are miles of waters with no obstacles in the way. Bring out all the water toys you have and spend all your built up energy stores. Try some windsurfing, fly around the islands by kitesurfing or speed even faster on your jet skis. Alternatively, take out a paddle boat and enjoy a glass of champagne while bobbing gently on the waves.

  • Day 6

    Mushimasmigili and Kandholhudhu

    On your penultimate day in the Maldives you have two destinations to visit and a lot of diving to do.

    Have a quiet morning at Mushimasmigili with a brunch on the beach and a spot of snorkelling around the coast. This is a peaceful island, ideal for a nap on the soft sands or some leisurely beach combing.

    The most excitement of the day awaits you at the second destination of the day, Kandholhudhu. A reef dive is your agenda this afternoon so jump into your diving gear and take the plunge. Despite being a reef dive there aren’t many divers around so make the most of this great opportunity. This reef has vibrant coral displays and a rich, flourishing marine community. Spot large shoals of fish and crabs crawling across the seabed.

    Finish your day with another freshly prepared beach barbeque or have supper on board your luxury charter yacht as you gaze over the final sunset of your Maldive adventure.

  • Day 7


    As you make your way back to Male to disembark your luxury charter yacht, make one last stop at Kurumba.

    Home to an exclusive private resort, Kurumba has high class facilities which will ensure that your last day in the Maldives is luxury itself. Pick up some last minute gifts to take home to your loved ones, enjoy a lavish meal at the restaurant and spend some time on the well kept beaches before returning to your luxury charter yacht to begin your journey home.   

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