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7 Days, from Bali to Bali

To charter around Komodo is to experience a charter unlike any other. Blending a rich range of unique coastal landscapes with characteristic Indonesian flourishes, visitors can expect a vacation which is breathtaking as it is relaxing.

Ideal in the summer season

  • Day 1 Bali to the Gili Islands

    Bali to the Gili Islands

    Day 1 Bali to the Gili Islands

    After becoming familiar with your chosen superyacht and settling into your cabin, a cruise from Bali to Gili islands provides a perfect introduction to the Indonesian waters.

    Situated a short distance from Lombok, you’ll be able to spend the afternoon snorkelling amongst the local marine life, getting up close and personal with turtles on the north reefs.

  • Day 2 Moyo Island

    Moyo Island

    Day 2 Moyo Island

    Replete with things to see and do the whole day through, Moyo Island provides charterers the opportunity to explore colourful coral reefs as well as the cascading waterfall which takes its name from the island.

    For those after a spot of gentle relaxation, the unspoiled beach and surrounding turquoise waters offers just the spot.

  • Day 3 Sangeang


    Day 3 Sangeang

    Before heading into Komodo, it’s all but necessary to check out Sangeang and its awe-inspiring volcano, a natural wonder which is perhaps best observed around sunset with the soft smouldering contrasting nicely with the evening skyline.

    Surrounded by soft coral bommies, the scene is undoubtedly one of the most unique throughout the whole of Indonesia.

  • Day 4 Outside Komodo

    Outside Komodo

    Day 4 Outside Komodo

    Replete with fantastic diving and snorkelling opportunities, the dive sites located around the Komodo Island boast a truly stunning range of marine life.

    With everything from manta rays to small shoals of colourful fish, the coral reefs are populated with fascinating inhabitants which demand closer inspection.

  • Day 5 Komodo Island

    Komodo Island

    Day 5 Komodo Island

    Whether it’s meeting one of the iconic dragons or spending time with the uniquely intriguing local community, Komodo presents more than enough opportunities to keep charterers occupied for the day.

    What’s more, the pink sand which fringes the island is an exceptionally rare phenomena which presents the perfect backdrop for a relaxed day of meandering.

  • Day 6 Rinca Island

    Rinca Island

    Day 6 Rinca Island

    Situated in close proximity to the Komodo Island, Rinca offers a similarly exciting opportunity to spot a dragon as well as enjoying a variety of birdlife and scenic views.

    An excellent spot for a leisurely stroll, the Rinca Island is also home to an affable monkey population.

  • Day 7 Komodo to Labuan Bajo

    Komodo to Labuan Bajo

    Day 7 Komodo to Labuan Bajo

    Setting sail early in the morning, guests are able to arrive back in the port of Labuan Bajo in comfortable time for a farewell brunch and coffee against a beautiful backdrop.

    The perfect way to round off your private luxury yacht charter vacation.

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