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9 Day Charter Itinerary - Naples to Palermo
The Gems Of The Amalfi Coast
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Day 1

9 Day Amalfi Coast Charter Itinerary - Naples to Palermo

The Gems Of The Amalfi Coast

Ideal for Summer Season

Italy is renowned for boasting spectacular scenery mixed in with romantic culture, incredible cuisine and indulgent examples of locally produced wine. Cruising around the Amalfi coast in your luxury charter yacht, you will encounter some of the most staggering views that Italy has to offer as well as some hidden gems you can't reach apart from by private vessel. Hidden away from cruise line tourists, the destinations you see show the true beauty of Italy without the hustle and bustle of mainstream tourism.

  • Day 1

    Embark in NaplesDistance: 20 nm*

    Starting your Amalfi Coast yacht charter could not begin in a better location than Naples. Steeped in history, this highly cultural city promises an exciting start to your luxury yacht charter adventure.

    You will have plenty of time to explore some of Naples before meeting the crew of your motor yacht. Be sure to pay a visit to the royal palace or some of the many boutiques dotted around the centre. If you only have time to make one visit to a historical site, the world-famous plot of Pompeii is in very close proximity to the city of Naples. Or perhaps you would rather spend some time searching for the sunken city of Baiae.

    To make the most of your trip to Naples, visit one of the many centrally located museums to see some intriguing artefacts and if there's time follow it up with a stop at one of the many fortifications, palaces and ruins situated around the city and its suburbs. As you make your way back to your luxury charter yacht, stop off at Palazzo Petrucci for an authentic taste of Neopolitan cuisine. 

    Distance20 nm*
  • Day 2

    CapriDistance: 10 nm*

    Cruising out of the harbour and into the Gulf of Naples, your first port of call on your luxury charter is Capri

    Largely built up for the tourist trade, Capri offers a staggering selection of Italian restaurants and lavishly decorated cocktail bars to entertain you throughout the day and night. Pay a visit to Da Palino or Fontelina beach club for an authentic taste of Italian Cuisine. The brightly coloured town of Capri and its selection of high-end boutiques are not the only attractions on the island worth seeing while on the island. Hotspots such as VillaLyisis and Villa San Michele will certainly give you and your guests a refreshing and serene setting to begin your day. 

    Another highlight of the island is the Blue Grotto. The naturally made marvel is only accessible by tender so return to your luxury charter yacht in the afternoon and make this special trip. After witnessing the natural wonder you can either return to the shore for an authentic Italian supper or stay onboard your vessel for an evening of pampering and champagne under an equally stunning sunset.

    Distance10 nm*
  • Day 3

    PositanoDistance: 5 nm*

    Continuing along the Amalfi Coast, your next stop is the bright and vibrant Positano. Once a port of the Amalfi Republic, Positano boasts a spectacular scene of colour and activity around every bend.

    If you're ready for a spot of shopping there are many local businesses and boutiques lining the streets in amongst various cafes and restaurants offering you a true taste of Italy and it's delicious cuisine. After spending the morning playing on you motor yacht's water toys, why not reserve a table at Zass or Il San Pietro di Positano for a meal to remember. 

    When sightseeing in Positano the main monument to see is the Santa Maria Assunta. Alternatively, if you would rather spend your day lapping up sunrays, pay a visit to TreVille Beach Club where you can unwind in luxury. In the evening you and your guests will dine at Le Sirenuse, an A-list favourite restaurant, where you will feast and sip cocktails overlooking the sunset.

    Distance5 nm*
  • Day 4

    SirenusesDistance: 10 nm*

    Day 4 of your Amalfi tour takes you to one of the most sublime areas in this region. Sirenuses is a collection of 3 separate islands which boast spectacular scenery and exclusive hideaways. 

    The hilly terrains of these islands are covered in lush green foliage giving you plenty of options of where to settle down for a quiet and secluded picnic lunch. Strolling across the hills you can see sweeping panoramic views of the picturesque islands and out across the sparkling turquoise waters below.

    If quiet time is what you desire, cruise around the coastline in your tender to investigate some of the many hidden grottos. However, an evening in this small archipelago is best spent on board your luxury charter yacht over a helping of limoncello and some freshly caught and cooked fish dishes.

    Distance10 nm*
  • Day 5

    AmalfiDistance: 80 nm*

    The title stop of you luxury charter yacht tour of the Italian coast, Amalfi offers many similarities to your previous stop at Positano.

    Nestled at the base of Mount Cerreto, Amalfi features a bright selection of architecture blended in with some Byzantine masterpieces. Strolling through the narrow streets there is charm everywhere you look which comes in the form of friendly locals, blooming window boxes and the scent of lemons in the air.

    Nearby you will find the charming town of Ravello, where you can easily get to by foot. There you will find many public gardens such as Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo which provide boutique cafes to breakfast and spend the morning. Following your relaxing day, we recommend you reserve a table at Palazzo Avino for a decadent meal overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. 

    Distance80 nm*
  • Day 6

    ScarioDistance: 150 nm*

    Moving along to an even quieter spot on the Amalfi Coast, Scario is a quaint fishing hamlet which truly represents the Italian lifestyle and community.

    Hidden away from a vast amount of mainstream tourists, you can enjoy a peaceful day in Scario without feeling rushed or pressured by the hustle and bustle of other holidaymakers. Being included in the boundaries of the Cilento National Park, Scario sports some stunning scenery in the background. Native flora and fauna are particularly attractive here and the views offer a pretty glimpse of the quiet hamlet hidden away on the Amalfi coast. 

    The hamlet of Scario does not present many services or amenities but it does have some excellent cafes and restaurants in which you can try some authentic, traditional Italian cuisine and mingle with the locals who can direct you to some unmarked attractions off of the beaten path. 

    Distance150 nm*
  • Day 7

    Aeolian IslandsDistance: 55 nm*

    The beautiful archipelago of the Aeolian Islands offer a day of peace and tranquillity in an area of the globe with an exciting atmosphere.

    The Aeolian Islands are protected by the advantages of being included in the UNESCO World Heritage listing. Listed because of their remarkable history of volcanic activity, the islands constantly live on the surmise that there could be another volcanic eruption at any time in the future. Walking through the mountainous terrains of the islands there are multiple vantage points in which to make the most of the elevations and get a stunning view of the Mediterranean sea. Unmarked paths give you stunning panoramic views of the cluster of islands as well as some prime spots for picnics.

    For the remainder of the day, the waters will have the right conditions for you to indulge in some water sports. Try some windsurfing or bring out the jet skis to cruise around the coastlines and see some of the hidden coves nestled into the rocks of the small islands.

    Distance55 nm*
  • Day 8

    CefaluDistance: 35 nm*

    Disappearing back into the past, the destination of Cefalu is a medieval gem which is small in size but large in reputation. 

    Highlights worth seeing in Cefalu start with the vast remains of Cefalu Castle. The Saracenic architecture attracts many visitors and shows why this small location proved such a valuable fort in Italy's past. Closer to sea level, Cefalu has some small nods towards Greek architecture in the glamour and beauty of the many churches around the area. All decorated in golds with stunning paintings, the churches here mean a lot to the local people and the religion plays a large role in everyday life here. 

    As well as being a definitive staple of Italian history, Cefalu does host some glamorous resorts along the seafront. After a day of exploring the local area, you can unwind with a spa treatment onboard your yacht, or in the resort, and follow up the experience with a fine dining atmosphere, with high-quality food and tempting drinks menus.

    Distance35 nm*
  • Day 9

    Disembark in Palermo

    Disembark in Palermo

    As you make the inevitable trip to your final port of call on your luxury charter yacht tour, the Sicilian capital of Palermo welcomes you with open arms. 

    After anchoring down for the final time, head ashore to treat yourself to an authentic Italian brunch. There are many food markets and eateries in Palermo which all offer the finest cuisine in the area. With tastes and recipes from all over the continent, and further, there is certainly going to be something here which is to your taste.

    After indulging your taste buds, explore the winding streets of the city to find some of the many hidden treasures this city holds. Palermo is full of breathtaking architecture such as ancient cathedrals and plazas. There are many cafes and bars for you to visit where you can toast your incredible journey through the gems of the Amalfi Coast.

    Disembark in Palermo
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