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12 Day Indonesia Charter Itinerary - Sorong to Sorong

Tropical Beaches of Raja Ampat

Ideal for Winter Season

During this 12 day luxury charter yacht tour you will see some of the most spectacular beaches and sites of natural beauty that Raja Ampat has to offer. Starting and finishing at Sorong, your dedicated crew will take you through beautiful stretches of water by limestone cliffs and pristine beaches and anchor down at some stunning areas ideal for relaxation. If cruising at a relaxed pace through some of mother nature's finest is your idea of the perfect holiday, this is the trip of a lifetime you will never forget.

  • Day 1


    After touching down at Sorong airport you will be escorted to your luxury charter yacht in the harbour. On boarding your chosen vessel you will have plenty of time to settle in and drink something refreshing and bubbly as your crew raise the anchor and head out to your first port of call.

    Most of the day will be spent travelling towards the southern islands of the Raja Ampat area so make the most of the time to familiarise yourself with the amenities on board your luxury charter yacht. Up on the decking you can start working on your golden tan and enjoy fine wining and dining as you witness your first sunset, closely followed by a beautiful spread of stars.

  • Day 2 - 4


    The first few days of your luxury charter yacht tour will be spent in the southern region of Misool.

    If diving is one of your favourite past times then this will be one of the highlights of your trip. The dive sites at Misool have won votes for being some of the best diving opportunities in the world. Such dive sites include Magic Mountain and Boo Windows. The waters in the Raja Ampat area are known to play host a huge amount of marine species including several breeds of sea turtles. If you're very lucky you may have the chance to see some on your dive.

    In addition to the beautiful sights below the water's surface there is also the chance to take home some of the splendour of the sea. Pearling is a way of life on these islands so before breaking for lunch take some time to watch the locals at work and see just what it takes to make a living here. After seeing how it's done, make a purchase from the local businesses and take home some fresh pearls ready to set into some fine jewellery back home.#

    Away from the water, there are some historical interests on the island of Misool. Caves known as Gua Sacral are located at Tomolol and are clear insights in to life with the Papuans. Another sight worth seeing involves a little swim. Venturing through a cathedral like cave, there are some intriguing ancient cave paintings to see.

    As a finisher for your few days at Misool, there is a network of channels and coves which offer many hidden adventures and plenty of opportunities to relax in peace. Rest up on the almost abandoned beaches before indulging in a luxurious feast on board your yacht before heading out to your next location.

  • Day 5


    The Penemu Islands are even more exciting than Misool when it comes to spotting wildlife.

    Consisting of small limestone domes rising out of the water, these islands are home to impressive quantities of marine life which comes in all shapes and sizes. Adventuring around the islands on your luxury charter yacht, or on your tender, there is a better chance for you to see some sea turtles in their natural habitat as well as thousands of small brightly coloured fish.

    If you love the larger underwater species, like the sea turtles, you may also be lucky enough to swim with some manta rays, spot some local dolphin pods and maybe, if you're very very lucky, there may also be a glimpse of migrating whales. The popularity of this diving area is obvious due to the fantastic selection of marine life so head out early to get the best chance of an undisturbed dive.

    If you fancy some time above the waves, have some quiet, laid back time by adventuring through the channels on a paddleboat.

  • Day 6

    The Passage

    A day at The Passage involves a multitude of activities which means you need to start the day on a hearty breakfast.


    A trek up through dense jungle will take you to a beautiful viewing platform where you may have the chance to see the rare Red Bird of Paradise. Have a light snack before making the return journey back down through the jungle and have a well earned dip in to the cool waters by your luxury charter yacht.

    Staying with the water in the afternoon, the salt water river, otherwise known as the Passage, is an ideal activity for a laid back cruise. Bordered by towering limestone cliffs and lush green foliage, there is a lovely atmosphere here as you cruise silently through nature taking everything in. Life below the Passage is equally stunning with a large selection of corals, fish and sponges.    

  • Day 7-8

    Wayag Islands

    More than suitable for an idyllic picture postcard, the Wayag Islands are one of the most stunning sights in the Raja Ampat area.

    Spending a couple of days in this natural spectre, you will have every chance under the sun to spend some pent up energy on the waves. Zip around the waterways on a jet ski or take your time ambling along the channels on a paddleboat. However you choose to explore the Wayag Island coastlines make sure you take a dive to see the underneath too. There are countless species of marine life just waiting for you.

    After seeing the fish eye view of the Wayag Islands, get the birds' view and take a trek up some of the elevations. The impressive rock formations grow upwards and in to peaks which offer spectacular views of the maze of green islands. If you get a little tired from all the water sports and trekking you will be well rewarded with beautiful white sandy beaches which are almost completely abandoned. Find a secluded spot to enjoy some quiet you time and then top it off with a delicious beach barbeque.

  • Day 9

    Dampier Strait

    In this area you will several experiences which will make up one of the best days of your luxury charter yacht tour.

    Start off the day in an anchorage in Mioskon Bay. Head ashore and up in to the dense jungle to visit some prime placed platforms to watch the birds. There's a multitude of species here which fly around the trees, making you want to look everywhere at once. If birding isn't really your thing there are also mangroves to explore, which are home to other native creatures. Whilst looking at the vast selection of wildlife you can also admire the flourishing slopes of corals and underwater vegetation.

    Moving further out to the Kri peninsula your underwater adventures can continue with the chance to see some larger and even more impressive underwater residents. Watch over the hard and soft corals as you see sharks, manta rays and even sea turtles playing and swimming around them.

    One final stop you can make, if there's time, is to a nearby island called Mansuar. This island is only small but it offers you a glimpse into local life and culture. There's also a very pretty church worth a quick visit.

  • Day 10


    The pretty island of Arborek has a tiny population of just 200, but size doesn't always matter. There's plenty to see and do here.

    On arrival your first point on the agenda is to rejoin the cool waters and get up close and personal with some manta rays. If you didn't see any at the Dampier Strait this is your perfect chance to get personal with these amazing creatures. The manta rays are not shy, they will come up close and dance around you as you get as many underwater snaps of them as you can.

    After drying off over a freshly prepared lunch on the decking of your luxury charter yacht you will spend some time with the hospitable locals. The residents of the island earn their living by what they can pull out of the ocean. This includes creating hats and other accessories with sea pandan leaves. Purchase some of the handicrafts and some newly sourced pearls for unique souvenirs.

    Top off the day with cocktails on the decking of the luxury charter yacht or spend the evening with the locals over a traditional Indonesian supper.

  • Day 11


    Back in the area of the Dampier Strait, the island of Batanta is another opportunity to gaze upon the stunning birdlife in the Raja Ampat area.

    Heading in to the thick of the jungle there is so much to look at you won't know where to look first. The sky scraping trees are home to a huge amount of native and migrating birds which include egrets, cockatoos and sea eagles. Many of the birds nest here so you may be lucky enough to see some fledglings.

    As you make your way through the hot jungle, keep your eyes peeled for a little treasure hidden among the trees. Make sure you have your bathing suit with you as your cooling off session comes in the form of a magnificent waterfall. Buried deep in the jungle this is the perfect place to rest and recuperate before making the return journey to the beach.

  • Day 12


    Enjoy one last lavish breakfast onboard your chosen luxury charter yacht before disembarking at Sorong to begin your homebound journey. Before heading to the airport take one last trip to the beach to finish topping off your tan and begin plans for your next luxury charter yacht adventure.

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